Restaurant refuses to serve Trump spokeswoman

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A small restaurant in the US state of Virginia has found itself at the centre of a political storm after the owner asked President Donald Trump’s spokeswoman to leave.…

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31 comments on “Restaurant refuses to serve Trump spokeswoman

  1. This business needs to close its doors. These people are on American by asking mrs. Sanders to leave. These people site with the illegal aliens rather than support the actions of the president. I hope all your employees have green cards.

  2. If,say, the owner approached her staff and said “There’s customers here that work for the XYZ political party who,according to their manifesto, would look to increase my level of taxation meaning I’d have to let some of you go – what shall we do with them?” I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be so zealous in their illogical virtue signaling then,eh.

  3. Look at the sign in the RED HEN's window @0:30 "Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend".
    IRONIC isn't it ?

  4. Imagine the outrage from Leftist RATS, had Obama & his family refused a service by a white Conservative business owner?

  5. Get her out toxicating herself in places where shes not wanted shes an evil witch

  6. only gays and blacks have rights in the cuck white trash western countries…migrants come and immediately call the dumb white people racists….and then cuck white trash news reports on how evil the cuck white trash are…

  7. Better watch that attitude repubs…been hearing stories of repubs with nasty attitudes getting their food spit on.

  8. Looks like a dump anyway. Send in the Board of Health, scrutinize them, give them citations and penalties for whatever. Oh, and treat them about as well as they treat some of their paying clientele. Boycott them and let them fade away. Trouble is, democrats will keep flocking there until they shut down. They stick together, like flies on crap.

  9. Dirty on the outside, LIBERAL on the inside…… I always say….


  11. Ptomaine Towers. Serving hot ptomainers on a bun. Good she left.

  12. Proverbs 25:21-22 21 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat;
        if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.
    22 In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head,
        and the Lord will reward you.

  13. Yes let's get food inspectors in this disgusting establishment!!!!

  14. That's horrible! I hope that restaurant is forced to close it's doors!

  15. The era of discrimination have begun. NO DEMONS IN MY HOUSE. Yuri Bezmenov was right.

  16. Has this anything to do with religion ( referring to the constitution.. for example demanding a pork chop at a msulim or jewish run establishment that the person that knows they do not serve is deliberately asking for because he/she is antagonizing POS ).No this is political motivated and regardless of that no customer should be refused. OF course do you want to eat there? Crappy establishment, Crappy mouldy signs ( or mud stains), some fire hazards… I have eaten there and the portions were small and the price is high. If you go down the street, a block or two you find a grill that charges LESS for the same thing…

  17. CHAMPION NUMBER ONE RESTAURANT /THANK YOU POUR NOUS LES FRENCHS !!! Une médaille en or pour vous le chef restaurateur et toute son équipe superbe !! YES !YES! YES !

  18. It’s all screwed up and 45 is truly winding people up. Americans are pushing back in ways they never needed to before. Then his base is pushing and then the other side pushes and all this needs to deescalate now. So they where not correct but let’s forgive due to empathy for their reasoning. Ultimately Americans on both sides are having a hard time and this is how we evolve as a nation through harmless outbursts of moments. The Red Hen should not be put out of business, those are Americans In the end. In the big picture I’m sure Sarah still had dinner that night. The hate and violent tone of so many people is way over the top and needs to stop.

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