Report: North Korea’s missile flew over Japan

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Greg Palkot reports from South Korea

41 comments on “Report: North Korea’s missile flew over Japan

  1. What I don't get is why bother with nukes? They are in the end worse then Ebola. It will kill everyone and everything in the long run

  2. I think the US media is hyping for "the new war" as it usually does. Every day it makes it more and more plausible in the eyes of the commons. Remember, you need to believe in this war. Like a child being hyped for a school he doesn't want.

  3. This is what happens when the left-leaning MSM overlooks corruption. North Korea was able to successfully bribe the corrupt Bill Clinton to get the nuclear technology it needed to become the "stand-over" bullies of the world. If nuclear war breaks out, it is totally on Clinton's corrupt head.

  4. So to get this straight… he cant have these toys but the us can and un… and hes supposed to be ok with this ? I dont blame the korean cunt tbh fuck the usa

  5. simple question, North Korea has sending rockets over Japan, so, does not the anti-missile shield works? south korea or japans shilds does not work?

  6. Apparently the gap between rich and poor — calculated by the Gini coefficient that measures inequality — has increased from 39 percent to 46 percent in China. some 250 million Chinese officially are still considered poor, and the country’s formerly red-hot economy is cooling.

  7. North Korea doesn't want to start a war. It merely wants to show that it can defend itself and its way of life if aggression is sought.

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  9. Situation over North Korea is fragile, delicate.Its making USA and it's allies really uncomfortable, literally USA is scared to react.

  10. usa shooting people and breaking countries all over the globe from the day they exist and they have the face to say to somebody what is he doing just desapeer from this planet die all of you usa sick aliens and leave us to live in peace long life North Korea and Kim Jong-Un.

  11. Trump called the UN corrupt, incompetent and no friend of the US not so long ago only to find himself now without any other option than to go through the UN to try and calm Kim down. LOL. Fucking clown.

  12. Again Kim has called Trumps bluff. This is very humiliating for Trump. Didn't he order the military to shoot down the next missile flying over Japan, South Korea, or towards Guam? This proves that America's missile defense systems are useless against North Korea's radar evading missiles which obviously have counter measures that prevent interception. North Korea is basically sending a message to the United States that they can hit their targets regardless of America's FAKE multibillion dollar missile defense systems that don't even work…

  13. According to experts, the purpose of North Korea's missile program is to ensure the survival of their regime, to act as a deterrent against aggression, not to commit suicide by attacking the US (which has 7000 nukes) . Fox news is Zionist propaganda controlled by the same Zionist banksters who control the military industrial complex. The same Zionist banksters who have bankrupt the US with war debt and the same Zionist banksters who profited from the recession which they engineered.

  14. The sanctions are not working, never have, never will. The best option is to use diplomacy and compromise. Unfortunately Trump's low IQ makes that very unlikely. He's probably binge watching old episodes of MASH to figure out what to do next.

  15. Kim Jung Un: FUCK YEAH NOW WHERE TALKING in fact give me tracking device so I can install it on my intercontinental missiles so you pussy pathetic weak all talk nonsense AmericaNOOOOO can shoot my missiles. I want my missiles to have maximum media exposure and with the tracking device Western media will know when the missiles are going to reenter and film it while your useless THAAD will shoot it down. My precious missile brigage hard work will pay off and you weak AmericaNOOOOO!!!s WILL SHOW THE WORLD HOW GOOD YOUR STARWARS DEFENSE SYSTEM WORKS AND THAT YOUR PRESIDENT IS NOT A CLOWN AT ALL.

  16. Kim nuke them,its not anymore ww2,amiricans sucks,we dont want them in europe,bomb those arrogant fat people

  17. the fat rat rocket boy will go for the cheese. but hell get that ass spanked. no more free ride rocket boy.

  18. 'murica and North Korea are equally retarded. Why can't we all just live in peace?

  19. Why North Korea to develop nuclear weapons,
    Because the United States forced, only their own nuclear weapons, but they are not allowed to have nuclear weapons, rogue boss mentality, is to control the world, not allowed to be
    stronger than other countries

  20. ファックコリア!私たちは1937年のようにあなたの女性をレイプさせます! I HOPE WE KILL ALL KOREANS PLEASE

  21. President Trump is to STOP the LibTarded support of the rogue nation of NK that Obozo and the Bushes sent Billions of tax payer cash to as well as loads of free shit too. Our Great President is not going to take the spoiled rotten Rocket Man's shit and reward him for it too like the former Obozo Regime did. MAGA POTUS we Love You !!!!

  22. This is embarasing…They cant even stop a missile fly on their flies over the country, with dictating and stopping it….U.S promissed Japan to offer millitary help, but failed to spot and stop the missile…

  23. All the dictator countries try to raise their ennemies: major ennemy and subordinate ennemies so that their people have an initiative to endeavor efforts to the ennemies' objects and forget the sufferances!

  24. Every country have rights to defend themselves. But america have much more then them to throw over it to b done. World without war could b something but now its era of do or die if everybody will start making bombs missiles .

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