Recent apocalyptic images have the Web “trembling” – completely melted! – “UV explained”

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June 5, 2018: In this video we take a closer look at the recent exceptionally high UV readings that were taken yesterday on June 4, 2018. Also, the current heatwave in Mexico is melting things outdoors. Its that HOT!

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41 comments on “Recent apocalyptic images have the Web “trembling” – completely melted! – “UV explained”

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  2. i want one of your readers…what is the technical term for them so i can hunt one day and buy one 😉

  3. This is all unusual is you believe you have the real layout of the world map

  4. sheeple its called global warming, the sun rays penetrate the ozone layer easier because its damaged! pollution, deforestation,waste, contamination ring a bell?

  5. I live in the netherlands and last week got in a fight with some co workers they couldn’t understand how i am unable to work in 30 degrees celcius. Even though that’s not very low for the netherlands ussualy it is somewhat doable, with regards to this new information it actually makes a lot of sense. I was never a big fan of the higher temperatures but i’m litteraly going craze these days. Feels like i can fall to the ground knocked out any moment at those moments

  6. The web doesnt tremble. It doesnt do anything. Its a tool. Kinda like you…a tool.

  7. It is pretty weird this year. I'm Upstate N.Y. we went directly from winter to summer. We lost an entire season. Local crops and alot of non-edible vegetation has suffered this heat shock. I wonder if there is unusual solar activity we don't know about that corresponds to these anomalies.

  8. Probably some sort of man made device that increases the UV index or some crazy thing. I could only imagine. Abnormal.

  9. I seen this many years ago as I left my drink on a backyard picnic table and when I came back the cup was warped to one side like an accordion, certain plastics melt at a much lower temperature. In places where new street light covers are going in, you can be sure that cheaper low quality materials are being used to save a buck in some places.

  10. I live in New York, and the other day I was with my mom and my dog, spending some time outside. We were sitting at a picnic table that was mostly under the shade, but my leg was propped to the side in the sunlight. It felt hot but I ignored it for a few minutes, until we stood up to continue walking – and my leg was red. Only 3-5 minutes is all it took for it to be sunburnt and to me that's insane. Scary times.

  11. Its killing white ppl off lol that's GOD doing this lol y'all time is up.

  12. That UV graphic demonstrates a close, local sun moving over the surface of a flat plane….if the sun was 93 million miles away the UV rays would be covering a ball with parallel rays and the graphic would reflect as such….hey, it just makes sense to me that way…can't "prove" it one way or the other but i got some common sense!!!!

  13. we were conditioned to he dismissive of phrases with the essence of "crazy weather we are having, isn't it? "

  14. I dont think high temperatures are a problem but these huge fluctuations are a different story. At least in the Midwest US

  15. If the sun is melting signs, can you imagine what the sun is doing to our baby animals and birds? Please put water and food out for our critters, we need to take better care of our earth too! And be kind to each other people! Thanks and God bless you!

  16. Youre STILL using a circular map first and foremost😑but the rest of your commentary😑😑😑

  17. why the fuck do you explain every reason you did something just show the video

  18. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are just making this video to sell your product! 💪🤬🖕

  19. Google: Sun simulator… and you already know who owns the patent. Same ones who own the patent for the cure for AIDS hell they even own the patent for AIDS. It would be the US government AKA daughter of Babylon

  20. That's what the chemtrails are…the ozone is gone and they're hiding it from us

  21. Some plastics are made with added UV protection! Apparently those stop sign light shrouds either used substandard plastic or plastic with no added UV protection!!! Good high temp plastics also use glass reinforcing fibers to protect against warping & heat damage!

  22. What if they put like a huge magnifying glass in front of the sun 😯

  23. I had this crazy experience happen to me a few weeks ago. I got into an accident on a sunday night about 1030PM I side swiped a bridge but that isnt the crazy part. Yes I smoked a little bit of weed before going home from my friends house but I always do and I have driven stoned before and to make it clear I notice more and correct myself more when I am stoned and driving, that's just me I pay more attention. the way the road works is going down the hill, small curves till you get to the bottom (30 second drive down hill through turns small road) as soon as you hit no more hill its flat till you get the the stop sign and the bridge is like 2 seconds after it gets flat. 2 weeks before that accident everyday the word accident would pop in my head random times I didn't pay attention to it much I was questioning it but not enough to get times or any of that and it stopped as soon as that happened. Here is the crazy part. I was wide awake usually I can tell when im getting tired by the you know shuuternig of eyes and head tilting down all that and i'll roll down my windows blast music etc. None of that happened. I was blasting music like I normally do jamming to some Young Boy Never Broke again and ive seen people here on youtube try to say he has sold his soul to the devil and all that (the proof they had was 1 lyric he said a bunch of BS he is one of my favorite artists I know him and his music he aint do that shit) but that for some reason popped in my head and for some ereason i was thinking about listening to hidden satanic messages in the somng cause i noticed it a little and I was just thinking and that was when i turned on the road and I went down that hull I explained got towards the flat part (got a little more deeper in my thoughts) then i dont remember anything till i hopped the curve and jerked the wheel left to miss the bridge but I hit it with the right side of my car and flat a tire destroyed headlight and a few things behind it. none of that adds up to me and strange shit has been happening I noticed too its cloudy looks like its about to rain and nope its 100 debgrees out like bruh. I live in Connecticut New England type weather has been insane lately. animals have been acting weird birds too i noticed that

  24. UV index in Birmingham, AL has been to the max at least 3 days straight.

  25. We aren't experiencing any of it here in northern Norway. We have barely had any sun the last 3 weeks, even snow some days… 5 degrees Celsius in June is not normal.

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