RAW: World’s first floating nuclear power plant nearing completion

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Construction of the world’s first floating nuclear power plant, the Akademik Lomonosov, is nearing completion in St. Petersburg.
The power plant is designed to travel to areas inaccessible or difficult to reach by land. Next autumn, the station will arrive in the Arctic port of Pevek where it will be loaded with uranium fuel and connected to the local power system.



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29 comments on “RAW: World’s first floating nuclear power plant nearing completion

  1. I guess all of people in the comment section freaking out think that USA's 86 nuclear powered WARSHIPS are perfectly safe. Because they presumably run on coal…

  2. Are you crazy? A nuclear power plant that could contaminate all the oceans. Stop it. Stop it now!

  3. Why would you need one? I mean, power plants has to be connected to the power line.
    How are they going to connect it to one.
    If they will, then what the purpose of it being floating and mobile?

  4. The best idea yet!? You'll know exactly where the melted fuel rods go after the melt down. They'll be with the sunken barge. MORONS!

  5. Smart idea, better be strong and high quality. Nothing made in China!..

  6. Sad to say this but it was only possible because Hilary Clinton done a deal with Russia to sell USA uranium

  7. O…what a great idea…We should be proud, as Americans. That's Hillary's uranium they're going to load into that thing.

  8. Well, they had the nuclear submarines and aircraft carrier. I don't think it would be anymore dangerous than that..

  9. All pro nuclear media and people are evil , we see nothing but evil from nuclear , put your windmills on mountains where the wind blows all the time and end evil nuclear and idiotic gas oil and coal plants with the one swoop .

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