Putin is president, but how did Russia’s youth vote? | DW English

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Russia’s first-time voters don’t remember a time when Vladimir Putin wasn’t in power. Over seventy percent of voters under the age of 24 chose to go with the devil they know. Still, there are some who would rather see a new face in the Kremlin.
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20 comments on “Putin is president, but how did Russia’s youth vote? | DW English

  1. it was than reported that the young man was found dead near the local lake where theirs cctv camera's but for some reason all of them were off during the incident

  2. Putin is a Dictator! There's no democracy in Russia, the economy is in tatters….and if you oppose him you're Dead…We feel sorry for the young people in Russia. They don't know anything else other than PUTIN! And his RT propaganda. He stole Gazprom from the people that's why he's worth over 200Billion US Dollars, while the poor old women scrap by..sad!

  3. Angela Merkel has been in power since 2005… Is she also an anti democratic dictator?

  4. Yes I'm Australian American fools

  5. Young man seems to be brainwashed by American propaganda

  6. dumb retarded liberal hipsters…. why are only young people liberals?? then when they get older they get smarter and become conservatives

  7. Putin is a dictator, Not an elected president. Putin's Russia is Very Dangerous !! ————- Get Rid of Putin…………

  8. One kids comment is not the 90 percent of Russians. Stop the fake propaganda!.

  9. Little spineless snowflakes won''t survive the heat of Putin's leadership. He has been honest, straightforward and a pillar of Russian strength. Without him, Russia would have become a puppet of the West a long time ago. Melt little snowflakes, melt.

  10. i'm russian youth and i voted for putin. of course no western propaganda would ever show this fact. they prefer to show color-headed 18-year old fresh-from-school children who don't know jack about shit.

  11. I am not Russian but I remember how Russia was in the 90's so this Kids probably didn't see.We live in the world that sometimes we must do some bad things for a greater good.Plus Russia need a strong leader otherwise it will go back to the 90's again cause the U.S is waiting in the shadows.

  12. DW TV you are nothing but a disgrace,you always fabricates stories to suit your interest.

  13. Journalist always find one or two on the milions with diferent idees. Stil many old comunists live today.

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