Putin inaugurated as Russian president (FULL VIDEO)

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Vladimir Putin is inaugurated in Moscow for his fourth term as president of the Russian Federation, marking the start of a six-year term. The presidential election was held on March 18, 2018, when Putin was re-elected with 77 percent of the vote.

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47 comments on “Putin inaugurated as Russian president (FULL VIDEO)

  1. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  2. Ужасно , как все тяжело и неуклюже поставлено .
    Люди , в том числе и приглашенные иностранные гости , вынуждены не известно сколько стоять на ногах , и какие у них при этом возникают чувства и мысли , можно только предполагать , глядя на их напряженные , усталые лица .
    У многих читается желание уйти домой , а то и проклятие – когда все это закончится ?!
    А ведь инаугурация это ритуал , именно направленный на определенное отношение к этому акту вхождения во власть .
    Она должна вызывать у людей уважение и чувство значительности происходящего .
    А какое ж тут уважение , когда тебя не уважают .
    Все тот же большой советский трамвай .
    Привет .

  3. God,how much emotion!
    It's nice to be for a moment at this place…
    Congratulations to the president.🇷🇺👏❤

  4. I swear, 90 percent of the Russian hate from western Europe is because Putin advocates that men act like men. That's it! He looks down on Russian men not acting like men. And it's not just acting like a sissy, it's being a drunk and a bad father. He has taken a stand on acting dignified and proud, and he's right. But in the West so many are squishy, half girl like babies.

  5. Trump doctrine is: I don't care how you run your country, I'm looking for a good deal for America. We have great disagreements in America and the country can appear fragile if you are an outsiders. But there is no way we can tell China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea what to do.

  6. Congratulation Mr President. I bring you Greetings from Ghana. Everyone in Ghana loves you.

  7. Vida longa ao CZAR Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin O Grande da Rússia.

  8. The United States just killed me dir dear god sir help me

  9. The United States just killed me dir dear god sir help me

  10. Greetings from Ethiopia! Congratulation Russia! Putin will make Russia stronger!

  11. And so this war criminal has the Russian constitution
    not only disregarded, but also as
    ridiculous joke article abused.
    Her sick Putin Troll tries everything too.
    Why do not you break the fiststroms against this war criminal?
    Putin's illicit and illegal power is coming to an end. Then the people will finally be able to breathe

  12. Congratulations Mr. President Putin. Long live Motherland of Russia, love from South East Asia



  15. does his mother know about the blow jobs he does to muslims

  16. Nếu là Putin tôi sẽ ra lệnh cho quân đội Russia chế tạo 1000 quả bom H có sức công phá 100 megaton mỗi quả để răn đe USA và Nato. ngoài ra sẽ biên chế 2000 ICBM RS24, RS28 Samat, Bulava, Topol M. mỗi tên lửa lắp 10 đầu đạn nhiệt hạch với sức công phá 30 megaton mỗi đầu đạn. đảm bảo USA và NATO sẽ phải dè chừng khi nghĩ đến việc trừng phạt và động chạm đến RUSSIA. i love Russia

  17. Congratulations to mr Putin. You must be very proud to be Commander in Chief of such a magnificent army. And you are an awesome leader yourself. 👏

  18. If I was a Russian citizen I would be very proud of President Putin, for what he has done for Russia. In contrast to the many self-serving fraudsters in charge of most western nations, including the U.S.

  19. Russia can be happy with such a great leader. I wish you the best. //from Sweden

  20. Mashallah may Allah bless him amin.congratulation Russia and prisident Putin .

  21. Congratulations President Putin. It would be great to see strong relations and keen business markets between you and our highly respected President Trump. I feel it's time for U.S.A. and Russia work together well on many levels.

  22. to bad russia could not be champions for Islam because christianity is more about the authority of Czar Putin rather the the God of math science and of Abraham in the real islam not the typical turk jargon !!

  23. This is the country worthy to become US ally, not those coward Euro countries.

  24. Viva Putin! The russian gays, the ukranians, the blacks are shitting their pants now!

  25. كل دول قرايب بوتين ما شاء الله عيلته كبيرة اووي هههههههههههه

  26. God Bless Russia. Mother Russia, We Americans Love you and wish you well.

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