Putin ditches imported cars in favour of ‘Russian-made limousine’

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The Russian president has been known to favour Mercedes-Benz vehicles. …

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44 comments on “Putin ditches imported cars in favour of ‘Russian-made limousine’

  1. I hope President Putin keeps the Americans in check….

  2. Must have S400 integrated into the bodywork. Great.

  3. Congratulations to my Russian brothers and sisters with your great and honourable leader, mister Vladimir Putin the big boss president. What a great and beautiful moment in history with that beautiful black badass limousine, well done my Russian brothers! I wish North Africa has more political and economical ties with the Russian federation instead of the Zionists western pigs!!! Long live the Russian federation and mister Vladimir Putin, with love from North Africa!!!

  4. Mr. Putin, watch out for Iran. 78 million people live there, not a small country at all,

  5. As a limousine driver I have to say GORGEOUS LIMO! I wonder how it compares to the American presidential limousine (The Beast).

  6. It's an interesting looking car. I don't know much about it.

    Hopefully Russia will see fit to export them. Perhaps they will export a few to the USA?

  7. Bonespur Tramp is jeoulous. He will want one soon. 😂😂😂

  8. I am curious why Russia can't produce cars for the mass market. What they have in military and space field is more than enough to beat other car companies. Maybe if Putin decides to 'threaten' his engineers……

  9. As an international car lover, this is a pretty bad ass car. I would take one if I could.

  10. Sorry to say this, but I was expecting something more exciting. This does not really look like a copy of the current Rolls Royce Phantom, although there is a little resemblance of the front grill. Rather a curious result of a mating process between a Skoda Superb and a North Korean car concept. The project may have cost Russians well in excess of USD 170 million, yet the end product looks decidedly cheap.

  11. Changing the licence plate doesn't make a Rolls Royce russian. If Russia would start manufacture car's properly, it would add some competition to the automobile market and take down the prices. Why aren't they? They have all the factorys and funding.

  12. Hey euronews. Why in the hell should Mr. Putin order his car in the west, when those idiots and clowns of western POOliticians permanently raise sanctions against Russia and its people without any reason?

    Congratulations Mr. Putin, its absolutely right to order the limousine in Russia. You have character, something the POOliticians of the west doesn't know have anymore.😉

    Hey euronews. First thinking, then writing, or you will end like CNN, as the second (C)lown (N)ews (N)etwork of the world. Hahaha.😜😂🤣

  13. Let's see if his home car collection is also Russian made… hypocrite.

  14. This is what's wrong with a lot of western citizens.
    They are so controlled if their told to hate the president of a country they never heard of they will hate him next day.
    I always ask the ones I work with tell me just one reason you dislike Putin none of the could give me a concrete answer.
    Western citizens very passive and control they can't break free most of them can not express them selves don't know Why!!

  15. Why does Russia even bother having elections? It will be so much more cost effective to just appoint Putin as the Supreme Leader!

  16. Çok güzel tebrik ederim en azından yerli bir araç

  17. That was unusual Russian car video…no horrific stressful situation, no speaking of 'Blyat'…

  18. Роллс Ройс Фантом. Какой аурус нахрен

  19. Chinese built GEELY GE, Russians built AURUS… the rest of the world can enjoy original RR instead of wanna-be.
    Simply as that 😉

  20. It's a good decision to use home(made in Russia) made product.

  21. It has everything from different "western" cars. The grill of a Chrysler, the taillights of a Bentley and the headlights of an Audi. The engine sounds American. 🙂

  22. O.. i see the sea of experts they already looked under the hood and had a test drive in

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