President Rouhani says Iran wants constructive relations with the world

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9 comments on “President Rouhani says Iran wants constructive relations with the world

  1. Iran is the single most largest sponsor of terrorism in the world….FACT!

  2. The answer is no! Until the Islamic Regime stands down! No more Ayatollah dictatorship! No more Islamic Regime's quest for influence throughout the Middle East! No more supporting proxies like Hezbollah!

  3. How is the title related to what he said? He concluded we need to go towards sufficiency anyways.

  4. being so smooth warm fuzzy and smile… will not solve your problem.

  5. this has been going on for 5000 plus years even BO (before oil)

  6. Liar you want to whip up the faithful to chants of death to America and death to Israel and now you have to pay for that seeding of hatred

  7. Iran u are the last country in the way of Isreals expansion. Israel wants WW3 so they can't execute the rest of the Palistianians and blame it on somthing else

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