[POLLS] Worst Comedy Movies – Part 1

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Take a look at the 10 most cringeworthy and disappointing films of the comedy genre (Part 1). For more Polls, go to Community Tab on TT10 Channel.

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50 comments on “[POLLS] Worst Comedy Movies – Part 1

  1. super correct!!!.. but all in all azhagu raja was nice!!!…it is not worst

  2. Dei lusuangala naiyandi all in all alagu raju la nalla dhan da iruku idhu ungala lu ku worst a

  3. Oi Thuli mullu and all in all Azhagu sandwich is nice only

  4. Oru nalla Naal pathu solren is awesome movie!!!!!

  5. கடவுள் இருக்கான் குமாரு,நன்பேன்டா, வாசுவும் சரவணனும் ஒன்னா படிச்சவங்க

  6. Thavidayapaangala sakalakavallavan movie, Haraharamahadevaki, all in all algu Raja la Sama padam Da thillumullu kuda

  7. All in all alagu Raja was good not so worst to mention

  8. Alex Pandian action film Da ,thillu mullu Rasika nala Kanu venum ungaluku illa

  9. Alex Pandiyan action film pls remove that…..then Thillu mullu better movie

  10. Ithu ennada.. Pathhi padathula soori irukaru.. 😂

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