Please keep Loni Love in your prayers. She reveals she was pregnant but worst has happened

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Loni Love has opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriage on the daytime talk show, “The Real.” The comedian shared her tough experience for the first time with her co-hosts Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Bailon, and Jeannie Mai.

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29 comments on “Please keep Loni Love in your prayers. She reveals she was pregnant but worst has happened

  1. So sorry ….if I Reading correctly…she might can't handle to carry baby full Term….That Happens to a lot of Women…Don't Give up Hope it's a lot of Kids that need a loving Home

  2. Black shut d f up u jackass who talking about weight if u can’t say good don’t say bad

  3. Got damn Loni Love is a Transgender man in plain sight with rest of crew on the REAL.

  4. I pray that she not lieing about being pregnant I know when I was younger I said I was pregnant and was not years later I had a real miscarriage so I hope she not lieing 🤔

  5. God forgive me, please Lord… I don't trust anything Lonnie says.She is a sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. Kissed up to Tamar like she is doing to Tamara. Sticking like glue to vacations, homes, dropping by without calling, all rooted in to their personal lives. Then she was the catalyst to getting her bosom friend,Tamar getting fired. Going to executives and getting the other women to start a get out Tamar campaign. She bogarted herself to head person. Because the other two women are weak and go with the flow. Now, since there are rumors of her leaving/fired from the show. She is drumming up feel sorry for Lonnie campaign

  6. Hmmmm!! So this is the reason she's always coming for Tamera.. Jealousy don't get a person nowhere. You can't keep trying a someone because you want what she have. Loni need to keep her mouth shut if she truly want to be blessed with a family. Now I really wonder if she was behind Tamar getting fired..

  7. I don't like Phoni…I mean Loni!!…F..HER and her struggles!!

  8. I've been saying for a while that loni is as faje as a $6 bill, Cant understand producers not getting it.She abnoxous .She use to say that she didn't want kids at all but hangs over at Tamara's house using bad english and making moves as if she's having sex,tongue and all.Tamera I'm sure your kids are watching "auntie loni"lmao.she's a big liar that has no merit what so ever

  9. I am sorry for her loss…as far as the other…..Divide and conquer……..we hate on each other so much…..WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY…..STICK TOGETHER AND NOTHING COULD EVER DEFEAT US…..KEEP ON HATING PEOPLE AND WE WILL ALWAYS LOSE….PEACE

  10. Dont like Lonnie at all only reason I dont watch she a hater nobody wants a bitter betty an unattractive one at that..

  11. This happened yearssssss ago before she was a well known name.

  12. Why is it that that these celebrity can do or say anything they choose to, but as soon as something happens to them or their family we have to pray for them??

  13. loni love pregnant from which of all the boyfriends she talks having in the show like that's a decent woman she's more of a whore pregnant yeah right!.

  14. So sorry for any woman who suffered a miscarriage. If you are not cognizant of your body, then have someone like a doctor to be aware of it for you. Many signs we seem to ignore especially if we are alcohol drinkers and smokers. Everything works together for the good if you love the Lord. That baby could have come in this world many birth defects if God chose the baby to live. Now, The Real panel drinks plenty of alcohol on Fridays if it's alcohol but even after the show the activities involved alcohol. Just take care of your body men and women. My prayers are with you all.

  15. B*tch Lying !!! They Are About To Replace The Ho.e With A wh.!te woman !!! Typical Jezebel BT-1000 Behavior !!! ~ Tommy Sotomayor (youtube)

  16. CLICKBAIT! This is so misleading. You are posting something that occurred over 20 years ago so your headline is a lie! Shame on you!

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