Plastic Man Framed By Fellow Superheroes? (Plastic Man #1 Review)

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Plastic Man has a history within DC Comics that stretches back into the 1950’s. With his recent appearances in Dark Nights Metal and The Terrifics, Plastic Man now has his own mini written by Gail Simone.
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Something that should always excite a comic book fan is a mini-series. While it might not impact the larger comic boom universe, a mini means that a creator had a pitch they were passionate about. Plastic Man #1 by Gail Simone and Adriana Melo is an example of that. Simone takes one of the oddest characters in DC history and immediately introduces you to his character, his humor, and how it impacts the world around him. From his constant joking to his night job at a superhero themed strip club, it is clear that Simone has a good grip on the character. Though it is only six issues, Plastic Man issue #1 sets the stage for something much bigger and comic fans should be paying attention.

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14 comments on “Plastic Man Framed By Fellow Superheroes? (Plastic Man #1 Review)

  1. I honestly thought of Plastic Man as a joke character until that Injustice Annual, which really put the spotlight on what Eel is capable of. With that in mind, I bought, read, and thoroughly enjoyed this comic. He's all jokey but you know there is real depth to the character. The plotline was solid, and the artwork well above average. I am definitely on board.

  2. I was looking forward to this issue and it totally delivered! It was wang af

  3. Plastic man has always been one of my favorite characters. I believe that he is overlooked and underrated this is a great chance for new readers to get to know who Plastic man is and what he's capable of over all this issue is so Wang

  4. Plastic man was always on of my most favorite underrated DC heroes. He’s like a mix of mr.fantastic and Deadpool except not crazy but with a humorous outlook on tragedy

  5. I like this comic book. Plastic man is funny superhero. Plastic man kind of remind me of Robin Williams, Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey. I can hardly wait for issue 2.

  6. I really enjoy the little subtle references to the Golden Age Plastic Man at the very beginning of the book

  7. “It’s not bad, if you like seeing the Riddler in a thong. Which I DO.”

    I freaking love this comic book

  8. Also: can we talk about that sassy dc superhero girls crop top Plas is wearing? It’s flipping amazing 😂👌👌

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