Palestine: Israel cannot investigate own crimes

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Israeli forces have once again used live fire as people in the besieged Gaza Strip are holding anti-occupation protests for the fourth Friday in a row. Four Palestinians have been killed and over 80 others injured in the latest Israeli crackdown.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the four Gazans died of bullet wounds. The deaths bring to 39 the number of Palestinians killed during weeks-long protests in Gaza. The rally is being held along the so-called buffer zone dividing Gaza and Israeli-occupied territories.

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21 comments on “Palestine: Israel cannot investigate own crimes


  2. How come we arm Saudi Arabia yet we will not arm the Palestinians

  3. ยฉโ„ข ALX โš–๐Ÿ•ถ Observations โœโœโœ

    BUT Israel is the land of Chosen People. Can't they choose themselves to investigate themselves?
    Doesn't seem like gods will to deny the Zionists colonial entity Israel who currently have IDF snipers shooting unarmed Palestinian's inside Gaza WHICH is illegally occupied by the Zionists colonial entity Israel, the right to decide if they're right in killing people for protesting.
    How could an independent investigation decide if the Chosen People are right or wrong when the independent investigators aren't Chosen People ( capital letters ) but merely people chosen ( no capital letters) to decide.
    No that would never do. Shalom ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Jerusalem will be rebuilt, the wall and the street, in troublous times, as prophesied in Daniel 9 : 24 : 27 KJV, and then will come the prince of the gentile nations, and he will make a one week covenant with many, ending the war soon to come, that he then breaks mid week.

    Luke 21 : 20 : 22 KJV.

    20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

    21 Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.

    22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.

  5. Understand Theodor Herzl, 'the Jewish state'(1896), and share the knowledge that almost 50 years before the nazis the criminal neoisraelite Zionists had invented concentration camps in order to exterminate the native civilians of Palestine.
    Please safe Palestine from the neoisraelite invaders.

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  7. Gaza is open air jail thatโ€™s the constant israeli crime. Snipers shooting is just the extra crime, but the blockade is already crime against humanity. 4% clean water… Eva Bartlett lived there 3 years. She reported on usage by israel of white phosphorus = Chemical weapon.

  8. who knows who appointed this criminal son of devil for this position
    who knows how many billions dollars this criminal invalid illegal not elected with the tyrants corrupt criminals from PLO and Fatah sons of invaders the children of the white Helmets who had the stolen our wealth captured our institutions establishments and the left land and destroyed our lives and had the very same function like the white helmets in Syria now to create fear chaos terror lies false flags distraction and that is why you never hear from PLO criminals liars tyrants devils gangsters and mafia about that

  9. Lol…that's like saying Palestinians we trust….lol…not…let see Israel or a terrorist people…hhhmmm…

  10. the palestinians dont have to try to cross the border , they are responsible , we told them before .the real criminel is the hamas

  11. It's not just Israel, the cursed chosen-ones are in almost every country on Earth.
    The entire planet is one big Gaza, we are all debt-slaves to the chosen-ones

  12. Israel is prolly going to be in a civil war soon because Orthodox Jews have the highest birthrate where your average Jew barely even has one also the Palestinians still have a higher birthrate even when Israel keeps tries as much as they can to exterminate them. The orthodox sect of Jews literally don't work, study the religion all day, and plump their wives full of kids. They also refuse to serve in the military as well and the community shuns any of those that do military service. They have been given privileges because they make a majority of the settlements that Israel does in Palestinian Territories by netanyahu's party and since the Trump administration has been blue balling Israel when it comes to building settlements they do it anyways because they just keep overplaying their hand thinking it can work out when it's not. Their proxy war in Syria has more or less failed Assad isn't going anywhere and the Shia crescent is now ever more stronger especially with Hezbollah and aid of Russia. Israel wouldn't dare to fight openly with them because they know they will lose. Qatar has folded into Iranian hands, houthi rebels are beating the Saudi military, Saudi Arabia is becoming politically unrest with princes getting jailed or killed so a possible civil war there is also fairly likely, also Iran is building ports in Syria and Lebanon too I believe. Which would make Israel more or less powerless and with political upheaval happening in the west, Israel will be left all alone to fight against the enemies they had made to have their one world government. My dick is getting very hard from just thinking about it.

  13. Yes all zionists must be punished and we begin with PLO and Fatah corrupt invalid illegal hijackers gangsters who steal our money wealth and institutions and serve zionists to bring to our people and keep them suffering in chaos division pain failure mass murder frustration lost path way dark gates

  14. Some idiots here are saying Palestine and Israel belong to the Africans Africans Americans Aboriginals.What a load of Crap. Why you guys who got brainwashed by the illiterate orange buffon Tramp don't go to Israel and fight those monsters huh? Cowards just talk talk talk and no action.

  15. It seems that Jews have lied about their history in the Old Testament. Overwhelming new evidence by top Egyptian and Israeli scholars shows that Jews were never slaves in Egypt.
    If the Jews had been living in Egypt for centuries as slaves,
    surely they would have noticed the pyramids and the Sphinx? Strangely, neither of these great architectural wonders of the world are mentioned even once in the Old Testament!
    Jews lie. Jews have always lied. And most assuredly, Jews are still lying today about everything that has to do with themselves and their sordid history.
    So considering how they have wrecked the United States, Russia, Germany and so many other countries by mentally lobotomizing and financially castrating all of them, it should come as no surprise that Jews have falsified their own history from the very beginning.
    The truth is that ancient Egypt never knew any Pharaohs nor any Israelites. Egypt was never the land of Exodus and Palestine was never the Promised Land.

  16. Israel Will Be Destroyed (Amos 6 New Century Version (NCV)
    6 How terrible it will be for those who have an easy life in Jerusalem,
    for those who feel safe living on Mount Samaria.
    You think you are the important people of the best nation in the world;
    the Israelites come to you for help.
    2 Go look at the city of Calneh,
    and from there go to the great city Hamath;
    then go down to Gath of the Philistines.
    You are no better than these kingdoms.
    Your land is no larger than theirs.
    3 You put off the day of punishment,
    but you bring near the day when you can do evil to others.
    4 You lie on beds decorated with ivory
    and stretch out on your couches.
    You eat tender lambs
    and fattened calves.
    5 You make up songs on your harps,
    and, like David, you compose songs on musical instruments.
    6 You drink wine by the bowlful
    and use the best perfumed lotions.
    But you are not sad over the ruin of Israel,
    7 so you will be some of the first ones taken as slaves.
    Your feasting and lying around will come to an end.

    8 The Lord God made this promise; the Lord God All-Powerful says:

    โ€œI hate the pride of the Israelites,
    and I hate their strong buildings,
    so I will let the enemy take the city
    and everything in it.โ€

    9 At that time there might be only ten people left alive in just one house, but they will also die. 10 When the relatives come to get the bodies to take them outside, one of them will call to the other and ask, โ€œAre there any other dead bodies with you?โ€

    That person will answer, โ€œNo.โ€

    Then the one who asked will say, โ€œHush! We must not say the name of the Lord.โ€

    11 The Lord has given the command;
    the large house will be broken into pieces,
    and the small house into bits.
    12 Horses do not run on rocks,
    and people do not plow rocks with oxen.
    But you have changed fairness into poison;
    you have changed what is right into a bitter taste.
    13 You are happy that the town of Lo Debar was captured,
    and you say, โ€œWe have taken Karnaim[a] by our own strength.โ€
    14 The Lord God All-Powerful says,
    โ€œIsrael, I will bring a nation against you
    that will make your people suffer from Lebo Hamath in the north
    to the valley south of the Dead Sea.โ€

  17. yes dual citizen Israeli politicians control JUSA….sad, horrible and disgusting.

  18. Illegal state of israel will never be called a country. World must know that israel will be demolished one day soon.The Quran The Torah and The Bible predicted.
    So you illegal savages mass murderers settlers enjoy your little time left there.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿค—

  19. They were put in their place in 2000 and 2006 by Hezbollah and they will be defeated again.

  20. Isreal in immune to any investigation because isreal control all wastern governments with banks and halaucst propaganda.

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