On the Road: Russia (Documentary of 2012 about Russia from the series “I Love Democracy”)

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From Vladivostok to Moscow, we take a journey across Russia from East to West to check the pulse of Russian democracy. A road movie that spans more than 9,000 kilometers full of interviews and encounters with representatives of Russian civil society, their “third sector” of society, who refuse the dictates of power and protest against massive corruption.This trip starts deep in the province, far from the capital… in Russia’s Far East city of Vladivostok. We’ll meet a young entrepreneur, Alexei, who can no longer stand being “strangled” by Moscow, as well as mothers who go on a hunger strike to obtain a place in nursery school for their children. Then the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest railway in the world, takes us into one of the very symbols of the gulag cities: Khabarovsk. In this city, activists are fighting to keep alive the memory of millions of victims of Soviet camps. In an amnesiac state, we are going to meet Vitaly, a former ‘Zek’, political prisoner, and his family. We make a brief stop in Irkutsk near Lake Baikal, and we give a voice to environmental activists who are fighting to preserve the largest and deepest lake in the world. We are also seeking out the middle class, to better understand a socio-economic group which has supposedly benefited from the economic boom under Putin. In Novosibirsk, we meet a mother who lost her baby of nine months and is now fighting for better access to medical care. We also follow the general elections from December 2011, marred by alleged widespread fraud and the mounting anger that ensues. Anger that pushes thousands of demonstrators into the streets and gives birth to the first mass movement of dissent against Putin. From Vladivostok to Moscow, we film the birth of this movement through the gripping stories of activists and ordinary citizens.

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Director: Herade Feist, Mathieu Pansard & Daniel Leconte
Author : Herade Feist, Mathieu Pansard & Daniel Leconte
Length : 52′
Year : 2012
Producer : Daniel Leconte

31 comments on “On the Road: Russia (Documentary of 2012 about Russia from the series “I Love Democracy”)

  1. Is this for real? They still vote for the communists? Wtf?!

  2. Not a Putin fan but this is no more than CIA sponsored propaganda. It is so obvious. It reeks of color revolution.

  3. I am from india but still i can say this documentary is just picking things selectively ..Reminds me of my country main stream media documentary against the current government..I watched Turkey documentry as well and there also bias was well clear. You could have done better job

  4. The russian people and the american people re more alike than they are different.The russian people have been through some very hard times,but has persevered through all the things they have been through.Trump if he becomes president,will open up to russia and we will be all for the better for that.

  5. Sound familiar? Hold a mirror up to "nothing in politics will reflect the will of the people" in Russia and you will see the USA reflecting back.

  6. i think its a kind of propaganda , they have forgotten completely about the corporate funded and corporate rigged elections in the western world

  7. I see many comments saying this video is propaganda, but I think it accurately portrays a part of Russian society from 2011. Though I don't live in Russia, I have visited many times. This video portrays the disaffected/western-focused sophisticated Russians who are either frustrated by the country or are leaving. I can't comment on the voting problems as I have no personal experience.

  8. a 'docu about democracy' where only the director-editor gets to speak
    All the Russians are devoiced; over-dubbed in English, presumably by Frenchmen.
    Would have been interesting IN RUSSIAN, with transcript of THEIR WORDS, and THERE AFTER filmakers can add translation, commentary etc (edit choice always implicit)

  9. What kind of leftwing propaganda is this!? It's so biased its untrue.

  10. This is the first YouTube video I disliked after a year of having a YouTube account. This is all propaganda.

  11. Today is 2016 , and Vladimir is still stealing the voters. Mais oui.

  12. 21OC16/0046hrs USAEDT…AND the winner is United Russia in 2016. One wonders about who is right, who is best…here in the USA we are conflicted between two horses asses. One is a person who is so blinded by her grab for power that she has lost sight of our constitution….the other is a man who shoots from the hip!!! I feel somewhat like the people in this video…damned if you do and damned if you don't!!!!

  13. Russia is a big country they can take some people as worker or employer from Bangladesh.

  14. Citation : Russian society is breaking apart! ! ! ! Shure! ! ! In holliwood cartoons.

  15. Greetings from Hellenic Land.
    Respect Alexander Karelin…Absolute the Best.

  16. Doesn't the communities understand that the change opened up their (thr peoples,) opportunity to there business that meet the needs of their country and community like car manufactures, and child care business, THAT IS part of being a democracy.  AND helps put money back into local communities.

  17. 14:00 is when the interesting part starts and from 16:00 on it shows and proves how neonazi russia still glorifies Hitler's "big brother"- Stalin. Shame on you, Russia!!!

  18. 19:50 is pure truth! Germany has understood its crimes. Russia hasn't. Russia still glorifies its crimes. What a horrible country!

  19. This is the worst us propaganda i have ever watch.Its so cheaply made tthat only stupid idiot would realy believe in it.Just look back 20 years and now,thanks to who ?of course Putin.

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