Ninja N-Word Controversy Explained, Ridiculous Howard University, DMX Fraud, and More…

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Russia Responds in Diplomatic Row:

DMX Failed to Give It To Them:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Ousted:
Inspector General’s Report –

Howard University Financial Aid Scandal:

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23 comments on “Ninja N-Word Controversy Explained, Ridiculous Howard University, DMX Fraud, and More…

  1. andddddddddd video isn't showing up for people again. AGH! Thanks for tuning in and caring about what we're trying to do. <3
    Ninja Twitch Scandal: (00:06), Russia Expels Diplomats: (2:43), DMX: (3:12), New VA Secretary: (6:24), Howard University Scandal: (11:12)

  2. Regarding Ninja;

    Unless additional content comes out, or testimony from others, regarding Ninja and similar conduct actually being common, it should be taken as an accident.
    There is a counter culture driven by racism infiltrating elements of popular culture and society, in order to normalize their paradigm and they want power by holding all the "pieces" = "We haz all your bases"… but you can't witch hunt.

    There HAS to be a correlation of associations, data and patterns beyond just this one single incident, in order to assume more.

    And its not like the Paul brothers where you can go over their past content and pick up on subtleties of sociopaths, relying on esoteric understanding, or dog whistling tactics for demographics you know are watching CoughKFCshirtscough or even their mission statement to condition and prime an entire developing generation as kids, ensuring what kind of cluster that'll shape what kind of culture in the future.

    Honestly you can't bombard youth with a genre of music that repeatedly uses such terms and than be surprised it slips out.

    His apology is solid.
    Could he be a highly intelligent adult who feels no remorse but understands how to communicate, in order to handle the public… possibly.
    But there is not additional information to support such an assumption.

    Evidence leads the theories.
    Theories never leads the evidence.

  3. Yes, things have gotten better. I member when it took 6 months to even get a doctor ND another 6 to 9 months to finally get looked at

  4. If you want to buy a watch that's cheap you can buy a Seiko, Casio, Timex (an American company), Citizen, Orient.

    Trump attacked the veterans for a while now. The privatization of VA services will lead to a reduction in quality.

  5. I rewound the first clip over and over and over again and can't hear Ninja saying it…

  6. Ninja just needs to stop existing since he is playing a shitty game

  7. I couldn't hear it but, if rappers can use its like its common English then how can we complain. I don't like the word but I won't let it rule me. a word should be ok or not ok, not an endearment, insult and filler, so silly who cares.

  8. Being a veteran since 2012, I believe that in the past 6 years things have gotten better gradually. They arent perfect, it is still impossible to get a same day appointment, aswell as many other issues. However I do have the VA regularly contacting me and doing their best to keep me up to date with my bi annual check ups and appointments, which was a severe problem from 2012-2014. My main concern with the VA as a whole is that 66% of the people who are running it and work for them are not Veterans. I view this as a problem because I have learned that no one understands a veteran like another veteran or active service member. We are treated at times hostally, or like we are drug addicts trying to get a fix, entirely by civilian doctors. Why I can say that, I've asked my own from New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and California (4 states I've lived in for the past 6 years) if they had ever served and the answer I got was "No".

  9. The N word is used way more now than when I was a kid. Ironically because black people use it all the time. Hard to say it’s offensive when everyone uses it so freely.

  10. Lmao I love it when people have a meltdown when somebody popular says something like that most of the pissed people are just attention whoring

  11. I'm afraid my view on 'that word' being used is that it's very biased against people not of colour when people of colour throw it around no worries. How is that allowed? A huuuuge amount of music today contains that word in reference to people; Chris Brown, Usher, NeYo to name 3 use it on various songs available worldwide so why 1 rule for 1 and 1 for another?

  12. Ya know, people should stop paying more attention to words and more attention to actions. Which means, if some said the n-word , mostly he/she didn't mean to offend anyone and actually that person is all about equality and human rights. Think about something a little better before you get so offended, everyone makes mistakes.

  13. If I was super successful and a nobody like you tried to smear me for singing a rap song I would be so fucking pissed off at you. Enjoy being in Ninjas shadow of fame.

  14. Calm down he said the n word but he didn’t say it in a hate way

  15. Dude killed it on his apology… heck I'll accept it on behalf of black people with nobody else will. Dope apology kid. Well said.

  16. its on rappers for making the word so commonplace in american society, imo.

    when the genre started getting mainstream everyone got darker, not cleaner. and we know when media goes mainstream younger people adopt it. its ingrained in american society, when most white people in reality really hate the word, and do everything they can to avoid it. its an ugly part of our countries' past that less than one percent of people don't vilify. black people seperate themselves more than ever nowadays (particularly through music) and its sad. because i wish we were just people. not blacks or whites. not niggas, or dough boys. just us.

    then again im a poor ass 18 year old white kid, eating bread slices for dinner, stuck in my own head. hoping my generation is the dream. what the fuck do I know?

    come at me, I care.

  17. If a particular word is not allowable for one group of people that word should not be allowable for anyone otherwise it's a blatant double-standard. If the word is so harmful, don't use it.

    Also, context. It's important.

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