Newark cop fatally shoots man after off-duty bar fight

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Newark police officer Joseph Macchia was drinking off-duty at a Union Township bar when he got into a fight, drew his service weapon and shot a man to death two years ago. This video from the Union Co. prosecutor of the nearly 5-minute encounter was edited for time.

9 comments on “Newark cop fatally shoots man after off-duty bar fight

  1. So he shoots the dude because he got his ass handed to him since the first punch. Great hire there Newark

  2. Hmmm…gonna be pretty tough to cry self defence like he would have had he been on duty. On the bright side plenty of time to hone his stand up and ground game in prison.

  3. Cops should hand in their guns before they leave work. It's for work, it should stay at work when you leave. What a coward.

  4. I don't see what's bad about this. Police officer or not police officer you should be able to defend yourself. The man could have killed the other physically impaired him for life.

    The only question was why was the cop at a bar with a firearm. You shouldn't be getting drunk and shooting people,

    Most states that allow their citizens to carry open or concealed, do not allow you to carry at a bar, because that's just stupid.

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