New Avengers & Other Trilogies Coming to the MCU

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40 comments on “New Avengers & Other Trilogies Coming to the MCU

  1. blade, man thing, ghost rider, Sentry, Adam warlock, agent of shiled Characters, she Hulk, red Hulk, Namor, black cat, moonknight,

  2. Should totally have Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2

  3. An Origin story of black widow would be awesome and they could end it with her meeting hawkeye the sequel could be about Budapest and shield the 3rd one could be about a plot with winter soldier/daredevil as it would be an awesome way to introduce DD to the movies only it would take a long time to introduce him

  4. War Machine needs a movie with Captain America involved!!

  5. Blue Marvel, Hercules, Silver Surfer, Black Widow, Sentry, and Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver can all carry a trilogy.

  6. Rhodey should become Iron Man. He actually has military training unlike Tony.

  7. I think the villain of a black widow movie could be baron zemo like if you agree.

  8. Naw……..ain't going to happen…… Waste of topic..

  9. War Machine can have health issues and not wanting to revive a the avengers becomes the character that creates the new avengers to fight the skrulls in secret invasion.

  10. The falcon we be War machine's side kick where war machine can be the serious do it by the book and the falcon breaking the rules to get the job done, good cop bad cop. also add Bucky to this team as the hard headed I want to kill all my enemies type.

  11. War machine trilogy.. Villains in no order: True Mandarin, Titanium Man/Crimson Dynamo, Ares

  12. Actually. We all want Iron Man 4. Something as good as Iron Man 1. Iron Man 3 was a disappointment because Iron Man deserves BETTER, he deserves redemption!
    And we also want Captain America 4. CA trilogy were all so damn good.

  13. A Groot and Rocket team-up comedy movie with their origins and first encounters could be great

  14. We Need a ghost ride with doctor strange in a good movie

  15. I like war machine but doubt he could hold a movie or series on his own. Maybe just 1 movie showing how he took the armor from Tony and started working for the government as war machine

  16. Yesss a scarlet witch and quicksilver movie would be great

  17. If they’re smart they would do a tease for nova in the end credits of Guardians 3 , have the guardians go to Xandar to see the aftermath of thanos , after they see the decimated planet they leave and as they leave the sole survivor of Xandar is shown in his nova corps outfit this would be presumed to be nova himself. This is were it’s get tricky because they might go straight out of the comic book where the original bare of the helmet Rhomann Dey takes off to earth to give the helmet to Richard rider and the Nova solo movie begins with Richard ride receiving the helmet from Rhomann Dey . Or they could do a twist and give sam Alexander the Richard ride back story. My other theory is that they could do a twist on Sam Alexander and make his father a nova Corps member and just cut the janitor and have a version of Rhomann Dey or Richard rider as his father and have that character die in the attack on xandar along with the rest of sams family and have his father pass the helmet and nova power to Sam . Haven’t thought to much beyond that tho

  18. How they didn’t say doctor strange is beyond me. He’s had one movie stand alone and was at his infancy as far as power level. He showed how he can take the reigns from the og and be the leader of the new avengers with help from black panther

  19. Masters of evil or dark avengers being brought together over 9 movies and then the final 2 part movie being the avengerds or new avengers fighting a fully formed masters of evil or dark avengers

  20. Do a trilogy of the supporting characters teaming up doing ground level shit, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, War Machine and Bucky, Marvel’s Black Ops

  21. I posted a similar comment on your "Disney was developing a War Machine movie" video. A War Machine movie focusing on him dealing with the Ten Rings and other terrorist groups or villain from the MCU like AIM could work. It could also be the first R rated MCU movie, with full on gunfight and destruction, they can GET this niches with similar characters like Blade & Moonlight and The Punisher. It will work indefinitely better than a Scarlet Witch movie smh and still be very patriotic and up with current event in a positive way; i.e; Fighting terrorism.

  22. I have the perfect Doctor Doom, however, he would be older. Christoph Waltz! What do you think Armin?

  23. please no. Thats just more ironman movies. Ready for some new faces. No one really wants a war machine movie.

  24. What about a scarlet witch "house of M" solo movie

    And black widow trilogy ideas:
    1st movie – her time in "The Red Room"

    2nd movie – Budapest with hawkeye and shield – we need to know what happened in budapest

    3rd movie – either a black widow and winter soldier Team-up pre captain america: the winter soldier or a future film based on the events after Avengers 4

  25. war machine is way too weak to have his own movie.don cheadle looks tired and old. has that old man posture. and his suit has dated weapons.

  26. A Hulk movie could work because it would introduce wolverine into the MCU

  27. What if in the mcu thy put war machine in charge of the thunderbolts, and thy make it like marvels suicide squad. Nova sucks,he sold be more like in the comics. Black widow movie instead of having her go up against I single villan she sold face of against I team of Russian villans that get sent to capture her thy could set it sumplace remote were she gets stranded and inorder to survive against basically the Russian version of the avengers she ends up. Fighting them more whith strategy and sneak attacks basically female macgyver movie in mcu.

  28. I wouldn't do a Thor 4 as it would ruin the trilogy thing and diminish the whole point of Thor 3. Doing a god of thunder trilogy with other characters like Valkyrie and possibly other Avengers or beta Ray Bill and Hulk would be awesome but it has to be different like ragnarok but still have a very Norse mythology feel.

  29. Namor the Sub-Mariner needs to Happen, get the guy who played Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

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