National day of mourning declared in Iran over death of sailors

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The giant Iranian oil tanker which floated ablaze after a collision with a cargo ship off China’s coast for over a week finally submerged, leaving the Iranian nation in grief. Days of intense multilateral operations failed to save any of the 32 crew members due to ultra-high temperatures and consistent blasts on the vessel. The Iranian government has declared a national day of mourning on Monday.

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17 comments on “National day of mourning declared in Iran over death of sailors

  1. I find this "accident" very suspicious , these vessels have sophisticated navigation equipment , relying on g.p.s. proximity and positioning software , could an unfriendly state have "hacked" into these systems , and caused this catastrophe ? Very suspicious ? Israel unhappy with Iran ? , and the U.S. with China ?

  2. Nobody gives a shit. What we want to know is why you don't mention all those people murdered in prison for protesting against the pislamic entity.

  3. Condolences to the family and friends of the deceased sailors. Unfortunately accidents happen every day, more than 30,000 people are killed in Iran in road accidents every year but they do not even get a day of mourning by the Arab leader of Iran

  4. I'm calling Bull, sounds -codes and looks and smells of fraud! Don't believe the media LIES

  5. Repent the Kingdom of Yahuah is at hand! Follow The Ten Commandments the Torah and have the testimony of Yahusha Hamashiach!

  6. My Prayers are with them <3
    This shameful wicked crime must be investigated. We sure didn't blow up our own tank and people. One drop Oil contaminates 600 Liter water and whoever is responsible for this harm must pay for the damage.

  7. I don't understand how you can crash on the open sea. I smell foul play in all of this!

  8. that's heart breaking cause no matter the reason the fishing industry is over. I have to wonder how many will starve because of this

  9. ز طرف خودم به خانواده ملوانان ایرانی که در کشتی سا نجی جان خودشان راه از دست دادن تصلیت میگویم ه i

  10. Look at the havarie of an italian passagirr ship. Dome years ago.
    Mare is so huge.. how can ships therr collide?
    Gps is a factor for investigation.
    May be to manipulate. Take iver the navigation. Your firewall was oerhaps not good enough. But this happens much too often. Even us warships collide

  11. Dear press tv watch the video I shared it is extremely important you undrestand what is going on to undrestand the future consequences
    New World Order
    Learn about it hope you get it fast because not that much time left and I am tired 😓 of working alone without deep understanding of this situation plus things you don’t even know

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