Moments In The 1990 It Movie That Are Scarier Than The Remake

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There are a lot of reasons why Stephen King’s It was ripe for revival on-screen in 2017. It’d been 27 years since the last adaptation, which is a fateful number in the story. Clowns are still pretty damn scary. And, well, the 1990 TV miniseries simply couldn’t capture the most terrifying elements of King’s bestseller under network restrictions and a small-screen budget. The outdated special effects in particular have rendered certain portions of the original It film laughable, instead of frightening. Even so, there are certain scenes in the 1990 miniseries that still hold up — and are actually even scarier than the new big-screen adaptation…

The moving pictures | 0:38
Ben’s father | 1:43
Beverly’s bathroom | 2:15
Eddie’s shower | 2:51
Going clear | 3:37
The meta element | 4:24

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32 comments on “Moments In The 1990 It Movie That Are Scarier Than The Remake

  1. give us a break man. Remake of 2017 has terrifying atmosphere and special effects, can not compare with old one which had very good horror moments for it`s time!

  2. Tbh I just think that the new one is better and more fun to watch, in my personal opinion it is scarier

  3. You are dumb non of the parts of 1990 is scary even my small brother watched and laughed

  4. I think the thumbnail they used was scarier than anything else in this whole video

  5. I also agree with whoever says they are two different kinds of horror narrating the same story…but I also think that I will forever be traumatized by the '90s version and Tim Curry is a international treasure. I think the shower scene will always be in my system and will come back to haunt me anytime.

  6. When the it came out I got so scared because I,m only 8 so I,m to scared but when I saw some of it on you tube in was not scary at all now I like it?

  7. The acting in the original is woeful. The kids are terrific in the 2017 theatrical version. I was terrified of the TV version when I watched it as a child and it still has some startling scenes.

  8. The original was great…for the most part I mean I didn't think either of them were scary but srsly the remake makes the original look shit

  9. you sound like that guy who made videos like that hello neighbor in Minecraft story mode I like the part where he said I hate my life and where the little girl gets squished by the ad man yeah you sound like him

  10. The person who is talking is the guy in if undertale was realistic he plays gender less child

  11. I haven't seen the original mini series but I can tell it's boring af just by these videos that say it's "scarier" than the original

  12. there is one other element
    new it is scarier – but as Nostalgia critic says – the first appearance of the clown in 1990 was creepier because it was a non scary face – able to lure georgie in
    in reality the new clown would have scared the away at first sight – it would have been perfect to have old style it lure georgie in – massive fan service then have him transform into new it and then kill him

  13. The Eddie shower scene and bens dad in the woods never even happened in the book as well as the final confrontation with it gets everything wrong there were also many other scenes such as the cliff jumping scene that also never happened but I'm too lazy to talk about them

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