Mexico City Live

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46 comments on “Mexico City Live

  1. gavin what did you do with all your stuff and your house.. its a crime what blue isis has done to you and your family.. stay safe and keep spreading the word

  2. The sesos tacos is the brain tacos so when you ask for tacos just said "no quiero tacos de sesos I don't want brain tacos"

  3. I enjoy whatch ur video about Mexico. Special cause I'm here in Indiana USA 😔

  4. Looks like Freedom down there… People walking in the streets.. even jaywalking is legal… You're very fortunate to have been able to escape from #BlueISIS Terrorist's and the Tyranny practiced on the citizens by the US Government… Where everything you do is illegal..
    I hope you do more videos like this..

  5. I have to say this is definitely not larger then New York City New York City is way bigger

  6. So what about the state having a warrant for You?
    Just curious?

  7. Wow, cheap prices in Meck-e-co. $55 to stay in a shit hole place and city. You can stay in amazing places in the U.S. for $100.00 and not be placed in the slave trade.
    Also you can defend yourself with a gun!
    True story

  8. by the way you talk and speak spanish you remind me of my second gringo boss name mike back in the early 90s

  9. Hey Gavin I love the fact that you enjoy the Mexican culture. From the ppl to the food to everything else

  10. Gee…Maybe I should go to Mexico…might be able to actually get a girl friend!!…especially if I can find a place next to a park!!! LOL

  11. This was so cool, thanks Gavin, awesome to see Mexico for its beauty. 😇

  12. Hi from England, love your outlook on life, and a big good luck on your new lifestyle choice in Mexico, wish I was there.

  13. So how are you communicating. I know you know a little Spanish but are you using any kind of app that will translate for you.

  14. How do you just pick up and move to Mexico with no job you must have money I would like to leave but not allot of money

  15. all the land is owned so we cant live and grow our own food and set up trade we are forced to work for satanic money and live in satanic townships.

  16. How was it possible to livestream onto the internet while walking around Mexico City?

  17. Could I just recommend that you make sure any meat products are well cooked. I got a nasty parasite from (goat) meat in Costa Rica and you don’t want it believe me. I am now vegetarian! But love your enthusiasm and you do seem happier than you were in the US.

  18. I’m gonna be visiting Mexico in 2 months to meet my girlfriends family. I’m a bite nervous since we are traveling all the way in a car, heard we have to go through many check points. Wish me luck Mate 😃

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