Memes of the Month – April 2018 | Minute Memes

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Are you ready for some big time football



36 comments on “Memes of the Month – April 2018 | Minute Memes

  1. 1:28 I've had it with these motherfucking memes on these motherfucking tweets!

  2. For the Emporor
    !!!!###TLDR WARNING ###!!!!
    New subscriber found your video about the Donald and how he became a living meme. Great video, and I would say was pretty accurate (though it's probably more nuanced than the theory you suggested), but thats the nature of politics. Anyway I've been watching YouTube since I was in middle school round 2009, but I didn't really get into it until around the time Minecraft became popular (fyi im 21 now and stopped watching that shit years ago). I did get to whiteness pewdiepies rize to fame firsthand I started watching his channel around the time he did his first amnesia let's play and kept watching till now. I feel bad that I was too young to appreciate how awesome YouTube was back in the day. Anyway now I mostly watch stuff about politics or history (IDK I must have cought the obsession with politics bug). I watch plenty of the "outsider" side of YouTube because /pol/ and their Nazi frogs converted me into a shitposter. I know you probably with just Tldr this and I don't blame you I'm just one more stupid dumbass who bought into the whole "if you want a career you have to go to college bullshit" and don't have anything better to do than watch the latest memes when I'm not working, driving myself mad by cramming for exams, or listening to current political events. I digress you seem to be quiet different than most of YouTube's content creators and it's probably because you have been here awhile, but you said you read the comments so I thought why not introduce myself.

    [If you are wonder about the COD username I made the name back when I played MW2 and never changed it]

  3. The fucking trumpet biy one's are great if done right

  4. Yanny or Laurel… wow that's a bad memeTREND they've got going for them…

  5. Here's some meme suggestions

    'E' 'Trumpet boy' 'Bart hits homer with a chair'

  6. I started regretting making a Yodeling Kid meme….

    So I sentenced it to….


  7. Memes of the month? 🅱🅾l🅰r🅱🅰rus🅱ex got some competion

  8. Hey Emplem What Do You Think about The The Daily Dose Of The Internet?

  9. It should be a basic rule that any meme that is born/goes viral on twitter will have a 99.9% chance of turning into a steaming pile of shit within the next week, assuming that the meme wasn't a steaming pile of shit to begin with.

  10. Is your channel dead or something? Or are you just working on a big project?

  11. Lemon, would you consider livestreaming in the future? I want to be able to talk to you over the internet because you're so cool.

  12. Forget about pan frying Ellen Degeneres, I want you to make "Ackbar: A Meme Wars story" But make sure you pull a lot of marketing for it a month before release when you realize no one really wants to see it.

  13. You Know What? I'm going to be the exact same as emperorLemon And being fully corrupted and still continuing more mugen fights, more infomation, and things i like to talk about.

  14. I must ask, Mister Lemon, have you, by chance, taken some inward singing lessons?


  16. why do the people around me STILL do the yodel kid (its annoying as *FU-)

  17. No flashing lights warning? Why, thanks. Now I'm out for the day.

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