Maxine Waters orders more harrasment of Trump Aides

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Maxine Waters orders more harrasment of Trump Aides

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21 comments on “Maxine Waters orders more harrasment of Trump Aides

  1. Just vote for Omar Navarro in NOV if you want to shut her up

  2. Not welcome anymore, anywhere… Gee sounds like something Hitler said to the Jews

  3. A real politician only thinks "What can I do to make my voters lives better?" No hate required.

  4. Trump supporters are complaining that people aren't being nice while following and supporting the biggest bully on the planet. YOU LOVE TRUMP because he bullies people; at the same time you want people to be respectful and nice to you. What????? Huh????

  5. I wonder what Maxine is going to say when she turns up at the pearly gates and finds out Jesus is a White conservative who supports Trump lol.

  6. She was confronted by a journalist who just wanted clarification on where conservatives should be allowed to sit down and eat a meal, and Waters kept trying to stall her and telling her to 'come to my office' so we can talk.
    Check out the :50 minute mark where Waters says' Please come to my office and talk and be civil'.

    Civil????? NOW she wants civility??
    I hate that woman more every day.

  7. Any Lib who claims were racist should watch your video. Funny thing is Republicans want to empower blacks Dems want keep them low to secure votes and keep their rich Liberal pockets lined. Dems don't care about children they want to kill them their pro abortion. They just want a reason to hate. Trump is doing a fabulous job but they will find anything to create controversy about!

  8. I also roll with Goons that are Conservative and will throw down. So stop going after women come for me pussy Lib's

  9. Don’t say Black people in California. I’m Black in California & I don’t rock with Maxine Waters or the Left!

  10. Maxine Waters is an old biddy who needs to be put out to pasture.

  11. She's becoming what they said white people did to blacks in the past. Get out of this restaurant……. is equivalent to…… blacks can't drink from this water fountain. Both are bad.

  12. Tell me, if she gases these people up enough that they attack Trump's staff and catch sixteen from their security will she tried for incitement or removed from office for her actions? As to sarficing "our" children? Bitch, Obama did that for eight years and bombed every brown face he could find and you didn't say shit. Get the fuck out of here, Cracine.

  13. #MadMax hasnt been sane since she was silenced after voicing the CIA brought cocaine/crack into Watts, South Central L.A.

  14. A congresswoman is expected to behave appropriately, here is a woman as bad as Elizabeth Carlisle Harris trying to engineer Insurrection and Civil War!

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