Marvel Comics/Films – Where to start?

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16 comments on “Marvel Comics/Films – Where to start?

  1. Thanks for the shout out. Also noticed this one has 5 times as many views as your earlier ones. 

  2. I'm curious about Fantastic Four. I picked up the original run but found it really hokey, dated and too low for my reading level. Is there, anywhere, a good, updated retelling of their origins? Or for the rest of 616 for that matter. Are there any canonical, good updated retellings of the origins for the characters we know and love? If they exist are they congruent with these epic crossovers like House of M and Civil War… all that stuff?

  3. Whoa! Let's make that 667 views shall we?
    Already hooked on these. Good stuff.

  4. Start when the elric brothers fight the false priest in Leor, If your at the part where they find out bradly is a homunculus, you've gone too far. 

  5. I was interested in getting into actually buying and reading comics, I know alot of the basic stuff to it and I would just like to know what you would recommend I start reading.

  6. Just found your videos, have subscribed, and watched several. I'll be back when I don't have to work.

  7. Wait, Cap vs Human Torch? But that's…Chris Evans vs Chris Evans :/
    On a more serious note, I really enjoy Who is Black Panther? from 2005, did a really great job introducing me to T'Challa and had the 2000s drawings (of course) which I really loved compared to that of old (just a personal preference). Next characters I'm picking up will be Ant Man, in preparation of the movie, and Carol Danvers. Any idea where I should start?

  8. Chiang Kai Shek was not a communist leader, nor was he Vietnamese. He was the leader of the Nationalist party and of the Republic of China, actually famously against the Chinese Communist Party and engaged in civil war with them before eventually being pushed to Taiwan.

  9. So i am main anime/manga reader but always liked xman/spiderman and my main question is why are there so many orivion stories/so many variety to one hero,in one comic he heals hes shopped limbs in one he hardly survive a gun wound etc.that confuses me a lot about my wish to jump into marvel/dc comic reading from buying manga,and its important cuz where i come from most of things youcan get only by internet, if i want to read x man,and enjoy modern art and reliable story where to start?

  10. Could you do an explanation of the Phoenix Force, Hope Summers, and the X-Men vs Avengers series?

  11. So I've watched a few of your videos on here. I'm a complete newbe when it comes to comics, but I'd like to start reading them. Can you make or have you made a video helping us newbies on where to start?

  12. I want to read them all (hulk, thor, cap and iron man) in which order do You recommend reading them? I'm really confused…I'm a girl and I have never read a comic before…please help

  13. I think those comics cost a fortune its hard now to buy a golden age of marvel comics

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