Maqbool (2003) Bollywood | Macbeth | Movie Review

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The intrigue of the Shakespearean tragedy ‘Macbeth’ is transposed to the Mumbai underworld.

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38 comments on “Maqbool (2003) Bollywood | Macbeth | Movie Review

  1. Really happy to see Vanaprastham in the background. Can't wait for your review of the movie. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  2. Throne of Blood by Akira kurosawa is also amazing. Watch it in case you haven't.

  3. This review was awfully short. Expected a more elaborate analysis given your claim of having read and taught Macbeth and even having watched several of its adaptations. A bit disappointed.

  4. What about the one with Michael Fassbender, i think that was a terrific movie.

  5. Love your reviews. You are so correct, yeh, this movie was ahead of time. This movie has best of Indian actors. Pankaj Kapoor is phenomenal actor who is highly under-utilized by Bollywood. Waiting for your review of Omkara and Haider.

  6. Plzzz review 'urumi' a malayalam movie starring prithviraj sukhumaran

  7. Omkara is also good.. Please review Nayakan (Tamil – starring Kamala Hassan)- one of the best movies from India.. and a milestone in acting

  8. Hey, I've got a suggestion
    Malayalam film called 'Shutter' give it a watch.

  9. Saif Ali khan as Landga tyagi( Laago) is undoubtedly one of the best performance in bollywood in last 2 decades

  10. As I feared, lot of dialogues must be lost in translation. Maqbool has very intelligent dialogues with multiple meanings.

  11. Maqbool is the best of the three, in fact id say its the best film vishal bhardwaj has made in his career, his pinnacle. Omkara's narration based on othello is weak and very surface level failing to enthuse the depth of characters well, and my favorite play, Hamlet is completely ruined in his retelling called Haider, riddled with mediocre wannabe performances and a national issue disguised as a muddled plot device thrown in the mix. Haider was for me the worst. But hey thats just my opinion. Cant wait to see wat u think of them. Cheers.

  12. still you are not reviewing bollywood main streem movies it's good that you love this movie but still there are many more that are not in your radar yet …

  13. For an old school version of Macbeth set in a feudal society check out Kunal Kapoor's Veeram.Plenty of sword fights. They even adopted that prophecy about Birnam Wood.And the witches are real and spooky.

  14. Can't wait for your review of Haider. It's my favorite movie

  15. Please do watch ' RUPINDER GANDHI ' , the best punjabi gangwar movie from India . It is utter classic .

  16. Underworld of Uttar Pradesh, which is north India.

  17. Here are two more Hindi films based on Shakespear’s work:

    Angoor(1982) – Comedy of Errors
    Goliyon Ki Rasleela – Ram-Leela (2014) based on Romeo and Juliet

  18. Try EE.MA.YAU…its one of the more well crafted Malayalam films made this year….great movie

  19. Do see Satya (1998). One of the best gangster movies from Bollywood. It's Bollywood's answer to The Godfather and Goodfellas.

  20. Have you seen "Throne of Blood", the Macbeth Adaptation by Akira Kurosawa? Woul love to see you reviewing it.

  21. Try and watch 'Thazvaran' a take on the classic westerns in true Kerala Style

  22. After you're done with the Bollywood Shakespeare trilogy, you can check out the movie WATER (highly recommended) starring John Abraham and Seema Biswas.

  23. I am in general a fan of all 'Vishal Bharadwaj' movies though Maqbool is probably his best work till date…Omkara is quite good especially the performances and music but he has learnt from Maqbool and tuned that to a more crowd pleasing version. Haider unfortunately is quite inconsistent in my opinion though Tabu is just amazing (and there are a lot of brilliant scenes but not as a whole). I have a feeling that you would quite like 'Kaminey' but the one I am going to suggest would be laughed at by few people for sure, it is the much panned 'Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola'…Its a crazy political satire with another outstanding performance by Pankaj Kapoor. He is such an under-utilized actor that I make it a point to see almost all of his movies because he is 'that' good…'Blue Umbrella' (Adaptation of Ruskin Bond's novel) is another one.

  24. Hi there,
    Can you make recommendation list of movies you loved?
    Your are very articulated and balanced reviewer.

  25. Hmm… put more effort and details. This is my positive criticism. Your review to Maqbool looks sloppy.

  26. Great review. It's good to see someone from the outside actually watching the good side of the Indian film industry while others are busy milking the views on stupid trailers. Appreciate it brother. Can't wait for the Haider review.
    And yeah, one thing I'll like to point out is that in 'Maqbool' nowhere was Bollywood called a 'Den of thieves'. I don't know what was in the subtitles but in the film the word used was "ghatiya" which translates into bad or worthless.

    Wish you much success.

  27. I thought Maqbool was okay but I didn't like it much, but then I didn't like Macbeth when I read it in college so that's probably the reason xD I really liked Omkara (I really like Othello too). Haider was AMAZING. Not just the adaptation and acting but the cinematography too.

    The director Vishal Bhardwaj co wrote one of my favourite Hindi movies, it's called Ishqiya, it's a dark comedy/suspense film, I think you should check it out 🙂

  28. If you have taste for Shakespear i suggest malayalam movie Iyobinte pusthakam . It is not any adaptation of Shakespear work but story structure and characters are in the line of Shakespear type you will love it

  29. Review another masterpieces from this director,Omkara(Othello) and Haider(Hamlet).

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