Man shot in the head on Facebook live

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Cassandra Nickcole Damper, 25, is charged with tampering with evidence. Man shot in the head on Facebook live in Houston Texas
breaking news on whats going on in the news today on YouTube

27 comments on “Man shot in the head on Facebook live

  1. This is what happens when stunting happeings… when in the scope of all things its fucking peanuts…and a false reality…that's ends up it a real reality of this type of bullshit that goes wrong….SATAN a LIE and A TRUTH yall be playing…

  2. This look like it's was a clear cut premeditate plan the went live by error, but the way she racked the gun and then pull the trigger looks very suspect

  3. You bruh…you dissapiont me a lot of you making a video and pausing but not listening to the jump off…the victim did not even know her….last words was… where are you from again?…(something? BLOCK?)…BRUH STOP WITH ADDING TO THE EXTRA STUPID SHIT

  4. Brah you can never be trusted with your eyes and spot a jump off …

  5. That was a set up he tried grabbing the gun from her at first, as soon as he says he’s feeling nervous, dude in the backs like there ain’t no clip trying to reassure him then she’s facing the passenger seat and fired at him specifically also he asked the girl “where you from again?” meaning he barely knows her they aren’t friends so it makes me wonder why is he sitting in the front seat of a persons car he barely knows?

  6. She knew that she loaded it. Glocks have no safety. And hair triggers.

  7. I would of took the gun out that bitch hand soon she picked it up

  8. 1. The bitch wasn’t playing with the gun.
    2. She knew actually how to use that gun.
    3. She cooked that bitch back, and aimed it at his head.
    4. Then she pulled the trigger.


  9. Check out Stephen Darby :why they killing in Chicago, on YouTube this is the real truth ⏳

  10. shit got real in dindu kingdom. can't buy this kind of entertainment.

  11. They say the human brain doesn't fully develop until you hit 25. This bitch is 25.. so what's her excuse?

  12. I don't know how this guy knew those jackasses but clearly they wasn't a friend because people that you are tight with aren't going to instantly run and leave a friend to bleed out . Both of them ran immediately after the gun fired without even pausing from shock as to what happened . Their reactions were too synchronize for it to be something unexpected . At least the guy in the back seat should of said something like , " oh shit ! " , or " what the fuck you do !? " , but not a word of surprise from him , and he just runs off with her . Smh. She said , " this is what we do " , meaning that this isn't their first killing but now they just decided to broadcast a live killing . The police better check if those two aren't link to other bodies .The shit looked like a " Snuff " film .

    Young people must be able to know the difference from Street acquaintances and Friends , and clearly those two cockroaches were just Street acquaintances and should of been handled with caution . Evil minded people comes in all ages , color , and gender , and they usually approach you with a smile .

  13. My man that was no accident they know exactly what the f*** that was doing when I can understand if he had beef with them or with them why would you get in that car or let them get in your car I want to talk today ass outside the car when she grab that gun I would have snatched that mother f*** from her ask cuz I'm pretty sure my man knew what was going on but that's a damn shame and I hope you make it I watch the video it look like he died right there took his last breath I don't see you survive in that

  14. She's an idiot..why would you "play" with a gun in the first place?..

  15. He didn't want her touching the gun and pointing it at him. She refused to acknowledge his plea and shot him. It was cold blooded murder in my book.

    I wouldn't point a gun at anyone unless I intend to kill out of defense. She was wrong for that and to top it of it seems like he didn't know her very well.

  16. Thanks for hitting up my channel bro. This joint was sad as hell fam i just watch the video yesterday. Peace to you.

  17. Straight set up idc what anyone say she knew what she was doing

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