Mammoth Found with “Flowing Blood” – SourceFed

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Russian scientists unearthed a fully-grown mammoth with perserved tissue and blood.
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50 comments on “Mammoth Found with “Flowing Blood” – SourceFed

  1. funny how they present this info like a joke so you cap your mind from genuinely digesting this info and conducting research of your own to get closer to the hidden truths of the world

  2. I wanted to see it. Not hear two tard muffins talk about it.

  3. Absolutely not. Leave em the hell alone. Why bring em back? To torture them? Eat them? Study them? Captivate them? Leave em the hell alone.. And oh BTW go Vegan bitches..

  4. I think we should make a mammoth! we would need to make a very large area that is EXTREAMLY protected, but we could deffinatly pull it off! GO MAMMOTHS!

  5. Great story UNTIL 1:42 when both presenters stated they just wanted to satisfy their c.f. own lusts by earing the creatures….disgusting. Now wont subscribe.

  6. mammoth burgers do sound good, there's a reason our ancestors almost hunted these to extinction.

  7. That was a waste of time, if you are going to do a video about stuff like that at least don''t use photos, that's why you get a dislike.

  8. We can inject a embryo into a elephant since they are the closest living relative to a mammoth and have a cloned mammoth but they will never be the same as the once were.

  9. To be honest I would be scared if mammoths were in the woods, God made them extinct for a reason

  10. Not one picture or film of the actual Mammoth these guys are a couple of f**** losers

  11. Nevermind Resurrection can we just kill these two so we never have to see their ugly faces again

  12. Freezing blood in temperatures above -100° F results in major cell rupture. Antifreeze in the blood? Is that a joke?

  13. We could do it and let them life a good life in Siberia. Siberia hasn't changed that much from when we killed them all. There where possibly still mammoths when Jews where enslaved by Egyptians.

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