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LIVELEAK NSFW Shooting Victims – Graphic and Gore


  1. They are running multiple psyop's The fake actors as witnesses and EMT all to control the narrative and to trick us who are awake that this was all fake like in the past hoax events. we got us real trouble now and very few people see what's really going on. Arron and I will make another video together soon.

  2. If Im wrong, I will very humbly take Mr Beldings place in the dunk tank at the Bayside Spring Fling.
    Hasn't Live Leaks (33, btw) proven themselves to be one more source of massive disinfo? I dont believe one second of that footage. The blood looks just as dumb as it did in Boston. Why are the lights out well after the shooting stops? Gee, I wonder.
    The production values have been ramped up….so has the propoganda. I hope no one was shot… we cant really put anything past the programmers. We have all the usual earmarks of a fake ass event… same agendas pushed, same people collecting aid money, same trigger words, the same jackhammering of the same info over and over into our skulls. Our temples are being cluttered up with this junk.
    What happened to all the storm and earthquake relief? and now….everyone's attention is conveniently diverted away from whatever evils are going down over there. Geezus

  3. Las Vegas shooter bought 33 guns..
    Shot for 9 to 11 minutes..
    That's ALL you need to know ~ IT’S ALL FKING LIES!

  4. I wonder how much gun legislation the JEWS will get through on this FF…
    BloomBERG wasted no time on calling for gun control, neither did ANY

  5. It makes sense for them to not kill anybody since its perfectly legal for them to run psychological warfare on the public. It will become a huge mess if the just randomly shoot some people, lawsuits, people wanting real answers etc… It just doesnt make sense to me. Maybe Redpill got tested with some cognitive dissonance from his people he should def follow up on that, for now i buy noting without proof.

  6. I don't see anything, just like all the videos out there from this event. I believe it was fake. The evidence points to it being fake. Cheers!

  7. That's exactly what these events do. They cause a fake event and get part or all of the crowd to panic. The rest is just playing on your emotions, and they do it every time! Sandy hook, 911, etc. ect. If they've done it a few times, why the [email protected] would they stop?! THIS IS THE WAR! STAY WOKE!

  8. Entrance and exit wounds? I see nothing similar. More evidence required.


  9. I saw no proof of any injury in that video… looked like fake blood all day…

  10. Route 91 HARVEST festival 10 days after Rosh Hashanana (10 days of awe) and 7 days after Haazinu or the reading of Deuteronomy 32 which they read as a MOCKERY.
    Falls right in line with the September 23rd astrological alignment. People may have died but this shit is 100% psy op bullshit and it was obviously staged by kabbalistic nonsense and numero-illogical false paradigmatic rubbish.
    Not that people didn't die because the government and rich Jew freaks like Michael Chertoff don't give two shits if they kill a goy or two as long as they push that Jew zionist agenda shit. It's just "collateral damage" as I said before. They care NOTHING about the people except what they can thieve, parasite and squeeze out of them and these events insure they instill that FEAR in people to do it. They try to rule by fear and they will die in fear one of these days for their deceptions. They know their days are coming to an end. It is THEIR END TIMES.
    Chertoff should be hung from a tree because that faggot and his other dual citizen Jew buddies in government were behind this just like 9/11 and every other setup false flag events and shootings we've seen plastered all over CNN. Then right on cue…we have the gun control freaks in congress yapping about that before the bodies are even cold. These people are insane.
    Holly. Wood. Bullshit and RITUALISTIC JEWISH SACRIFICES.

  11. Regardless of whether people died or not, this guy was used as a patsy by someone interested in pushing an agenda without a care of who died in the process.

  12. Hmmm the guy goes opposite way as if he was paid…hahaha this is fake.

  13. 500 injured the hospitals would have been overwhelmed like a war zone & where's the videos of dead/injured ppl from instagram, periscope, snap, youtube? lolf hoax

  14. Simple moulage fakery. Not real at all. Same crap as the Boston Bombing HOAX.

  15. Can we stop calling HOAXES "False Flags"? False flag is when someone else is blame for a real attack. This was not an attack at all. SImply a active shooter HOAX. Calling it a "false flag" confuses people. 911 was a false flag but people were kill

  16. I saw a 10 minute version of that video. Is it the whole video, or does the original go on for longer? The only blood and carnage I saw was that one guy in the end with a bloody arm. Am I missing something?

  17. The powers that be have successfully subverted and delegitimized the "truth" movement. The sad thing is, it was all too easy. All it took was Alex Jones, the "hoax movement", and exploiting people's primitive tribalistic traits. You've all been played like a fiddle from hell.

  18. There is no bullet hole in anyone's head you lier. And everyone of them people h says is breathing and even says no entry,no exit wound can't treat… then argued with a guy about the lights being turned off, the guy says everyone on the ground is dead and he says no they are not. What a joke you have become.

  19. Seriously Arron?
    You think this baal-shit is real? I looked at that shill video at least 5 times and never once saw anything real at all…! Shills are continually dropping that video under different names almost every time somebody comments on how fake this shooting is! Even my kids and their friends are saying how fake this is! There is NO real blood ANYWHERE! Do you know how fast a body turns blue after that person expires? I've personally witnessed death several times and the one time one of my nephews and I were watching "A Clockwork Orange" when we heard this really loud crash! By the time we got out the door and to the corner which was about 150-200 ft away four people in a car were all turning blue! Less than 3-4 minutes! Every single person in that video had good skin color!
    Not only that but head shots cause brains to fall out and skin to disappear!
    Have you ever seen real shooting victims in actual pictures that you know are real, like I have when one of my bosses was a sex crimes detective and used to show me some of the most horrifying shit you'd never want to see!? I see Sonia is fooled as well. I see Max talking out of his ass here about how you and he are going to do a video together…
    I guess that might say it all if I see you with that jack ass denying reality!

  20. Does that really look to you like terrified people running for their lives during a live massacre? Do you honestly think anyone with half a brain is buying your bullshit? Why don't you get a more honest job than shilling – like selling your blood plasma or starting your own meth lab?

  21. no video with this title out there but im keeping an open mind. Vinnie Eastwood has an analysis of a clip of the shots. something like 9 rounds in 1.2 seconds

  22. Looks like lawsuits are being filed which is something we haven't seen before even after Pulse.

  23. ppl died! Somr shit ya just can't fkn fake! a lot of ppl think it's fake i watched the after math& is unlike any of them faked events. but since when do police actually release body cam footage?! This is a 1st it seems they do want this shit seen idk why maybe cuz of wtf we can see in the comments on live leak& that's gun grabbers mocking our rights ignorant of why we have them in the 1st place mostly European countries that critisize it but they have gun violence too! Out law guns then only criminals n those who do not abide by the law actually are the only ones that have guns they care not how many laws they break ffs the trolls are real. n there's a bunch of ppl calling it fake too but they're very ignorant. the official story is also nonsense as well tho. highly doubt it was who they say it was& that it was just 1 shooter there were other ppl with testimony who were there that night&also locations further away but still being shot at&all night long. we all need look at the facts n figure out wtf really went down& ask cui Bono. who stands to benefit

  24. The live Leak footage that u refer to in the description has been removed, but if it was the guy running around from person to person, asking if they were injured and taking their pulses etc (i have already save it) but anyway, there was nothing in that footage that convinced me that the "shooting" was for real.

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