LIVE: Syria’s envoy to UN defends army’s operation in Eastern Ghouta

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Syria’s envoy to the U-N office in Geneva has defended the Syrian army’s operation in Eastern Ghouta, saying the offensive is only targeting terrorists.
Hussam Edin Aala said the Syrian government is committed to a daily humanitarian truce. Aala said Damascus has opened safe humanitarian corridors for civilians trapped in Eastern Ghouta. He said the terrorists groups holed up in the region continue to indiscriminately shell Damascus. The Syrian diplomat made the comments during a U-N Human Rights Council meeting in the Swiss capital.

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18 comments on “LIVE: Syria’s envoy to UN defends army’s operation in Eastern Ghouta

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  2. Syria does not need to defend it´s actions within it´s borders to anyone.

  3. This is what real journalism looks like, I 👏 this brave man!

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  11. Tough work but it’s got to be done with are with you in our prayers until you’re victorious.

  12. The information banner on the video is very large and blocks the view of the video!

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