LIVE: Russia offers militants in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta safe passage out of conflict zone

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Syrian army continuing to make gains against terrorists in eastern Ghouta

Foreign-backed militants use eastern Ghouta to launch rocket attacks on Damascus

Syrian Government forces in control of over 40% of Eastern Ghouta

Russia promises militants in Syria’s E Ghouta immunity from prosecution
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35 comments on “LIVE: Russia offers militants in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta safe passage out of conflict zone

  1. Bias propaganda. Even the title is misleading. The safe passage is for civilians. Of course some militants will try to get out with the civilians. This does not equate to Russia offering militants safe passage. He even mentions Syrian and Russian jets attacking the militants. Anyone falling for this contradictory BS must have the attention span of a goldfish.

  2. I’m so glad that the army has 40% of the Eastern Ghouta!

  3. Wait when the us did this ,.it was an escape route for isis , but because russia does it , its oklol

  4. No no no don’t offer them no passage to elsewhere!!! Finish them all there these fuckers must not be allowed to escape from ghouta. The American did just that in Mosul and raqqua so I’m pro life but aren’t human beings so exterminate the barbaric ideology where it is. Too many Syrian have died because these idiots now you want to let them restart the same thing somewhere else so you can go and fight with them again ? Don’t worry about what the Americans and European are saying: just finish the job and save the world because by destroying them there no one will die again because of these . But if you let them go. Many more people will be killed again by the same crazy fuckers.

  5. Without being anyway religious. …I pray for you and your fight against western backed terrorist's…its a stain on the west to have been involved in this horror storie that is the invading terrorist's into Syria…the government and the Syrian people and SAA are heroes in a world of western arrogance..give the scumbags hell..your in our thoughts ✌✌✌

  6. The big problem of Iran, Hamas and Hesbullah are so hate Jews and want to EXPEL Jews from Israel since the ancient time of prophet. From one generation to next generation the hatred has been teaching the children such as:

    These hated teaching from Hadith.
    Sahih Muslim 33—”I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah”
    Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.

    As long as Islamic Shiah and the extremist Muslim teach hatred to young Muslim, there is no peace between Jews and Iran, Hamas, Hesbullah.,

    In order to get peace in Middle East, Saudi and Iran have to stop teaching the false hadith to children and abolish this hatred teaching from the book of education.
    Was Salam❤️

  7. Maybe Syria/someone (Iran?) can swap those Shiites trapped at
    Foua and ?, in Idlib for these Sunnis in East Ghouta.

  8. Terrorist organisations are Zionist terrorist American Terrorist should be definitely removed from face of the earth InshAllah

  9. This is the biggest bullshit I have seen on the internet
    And trust me
    I’ve seen some bullshit
    The Syrian Army is bombing innocent civilians under the veil of counter acting terrorism
    What a shitty piece of propaganda
    Get your facts straight

  10. The same thing that happened in my country ,although ,the western media from America and other media sources from other countries ,
    has not properly monitored everything ,or were prevented by their government ,probably tpwere edited ,although we have
    daily updates , but limited ,and was edited favoring only the western media ,true these terrorists ,will occupy a certain areas and will ,take as
    many as possible hostages to gain advantages in it ,they will kill and destroy many properties ,they will commit rapes and kill with impunity ,even children ,
    what happened recently in my country also happened in Syria ,although our good president Duterte did not allow the Americans to engage
    the terrorists ,only the monitoring using their satellites ,but even then ,there have been instances before that ,some CIA ,personnels ,using the back door
    was seen a couple of months during and after the bloody incident in Mindanao, 2016 , the 44 SAF members of soldiers who were murdered by the
    terrorists ,combined forces of Abu Sayaff and Milf factions ,supporting the Islamiya and Isis , sad to think because ,there was some drones that
    was used by the Americans , that monitored the real incident,weeks before and after that bloody incident ,that was ignored by the media
    ,until now ,nobody seems to remember that incident and probably will be forgotten , ( sources ,unconfirmed by the media people but there was an airing of the incident ,of drones flying in that particular areas ,) that was cut short ,and was not mentioned till now ) 😁😁
    It's coincidental that American CIA personnel was present in that incident , something most people probably did'nt noticed or realised
    somehow ,,people in the media should also be vigilant and expos anything out of the ordinary ,and not be biased as to tell the truth ,because
    American CIA' s seems to be present always ,before any conflicts occure ,something the media should take interest in 😁😁🤔🤔🤔

  11. What is happening in Syria could ,also happen in any countries ,with the western ,( American CIA involvement ? everything is possible )
    conflicts will always be happening ,and as usual the western media will do anything to twist the truth and will favor the western media only ,😀

  12. We will take every inch of our land from western backed terrorist and Israel.

  13. No never kill them all mother fucker dogs they're child killer rapist dog's kill them all

  14. Some years after they're starting killing in another country so kill them all dog's

  15. excellent reporting thanks for a really honest explanation to what is happening in Ghouta.

  16. These US sponsor terrorist should peacefully flee with the civilian … Why they are so stupid to fight for USA which will killed them when they are no use to the US anymore.

  17. GOD fabors syria,keep up the GODLY fight syrians ,god will vlear the way

  18. This kind 9f Terrorist are not there for Oil. But for demolition, destruction of infracstructure. They are paid well. This destruction it's planned for Syria havevyo buy materials for rebuild Syria, and that will bring a lot of money to Israel's construction firms. And goods stores, fashion boutiques from All Israel's Friends Saudi Arabia.

  19. USA POLICE officers are the problems, no body else resolve to laza benefits forever.

  20. Has the US side of Terrorists ever give anybody safe passage? Round them up put them in prison and forget to give them water.

  21. PressTV is Iranian/Shia propaganda, but yes there is also Al Qeada there. But pro-Assad militias have been commiting war crimes against civilians too.

  22. Watching the reality of who r the terrorists in syria,still the minority of the world knows that won't stop the terrorist supporting countries like US,israel etc to support terrorism in syria and ultimately WW3.The majority must know and must stop their evil govt from any more inervention otherwise the whole world is going to loose and nobody is going to win except israel.WW3 is coming if US,israel etc isn't asked to back off!!

  23. Go! Go! Russia kill all those terrorist and there allies US Military…polvorize them!!

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