Listen to Girl Plays Super Mario Theme Song on Ancient Chinese Instrument

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A girl in Taipei plays the Super Mario Brothers theme song on a modified version of the shēng, a Chinese instrument that dates back thousands of years, and the sound is shockingly spot-on to the tunes of our favorite childhood game—right down to the foreboding underground theme and coin-grabbing sound effects. Ah, sweet nostalgia.

50 comments on “Listen to Girl Plays Super Mario Theme Song on Ancient Chinese Instrument

  1. This is really cool because she put in the coin sound in the song

  2. It's cool but I don't like how she just doesn't follow the tempo all the time and invents notes.

  3. She missed so many notes and it seemed way too fast for mario AND the rests were way too short as well.

  4. Now I will always winder is almost all those noises actually from that instrument ???

  5. I'm convinced that's just a massive Nintendo console, and she's really just playing one of the levels with the sound on max.

  6. Before you put a title to a musical video, I suggest you do a little research on what the musician is playing.

  7. This is the "cultural enrichment" I would rather have than importing Africans with zero culture

  8. October 26, 2017 i'm not able to watch the video I'm just able to do everything else besides watch it

  9. She doesn't play a part of the music (Sorry for bad english I'm from Italian)

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