Korean schools in Japan receive bomb threats

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Korean schools in Japan are receiving bomb threats as North Korea continues its missile tests and threatens to destroy the country in the event of a nuclear war.
Al Jazeera’s Paul Chaderjian reports.

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35 comments on “Korean schools in Japan receive bomb threats

  1. “日本人じゃないから“なに⁉️ じゃどしいて日本にいますか?どして日本語話せますか?

  2. Their upper class is companion of North korea.
    Therefore one of acquiring foreign currency.

  3. Don't those young students feel funny to learn such a strange ideology in Japan? They can access the internet or other media. I

  4. In Malaysia, there are Chinese (21% of total population) and Indians (7% of total population) have their own Chinese schools and Indian schools.

    Like Korean schools in Japan, they taught Korean students about Korean culture and Korean history, same as Chinese or Indian school in Malaysia taught their students about their own culture and history respectively. But the real difference is, there is no political belief placed in Chinese schools and Indian schools in Malaysia.

    But there's one difference, in Malaysia, Chinese schools and Indian School don''t place pictures of PM Narenda Modi or President Xi JingPing/ President Tsai in School Hall and classrooms, but only with pictures of Malaysian PM and Malaysian Royal Family. They pledge their loyalty only to Malaysia, not China or India.

    The act that Korean Schools place Kim Jong Un pictures in classrooms really baffles me a lot. Are they Koreans citizens living in Japan or Japanese with Korean ethnicity? Which country they are loyal to? Are they refugees or something?

    Multiculturalism is good, but it has to be done right to be good. Country comes first before ethnicity.

    If one day India or China decided to invade Malaysia, the Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians will of course defend Malaysia. But if the similar case happened in Japan, well the loyalty of Koreans in Japan is still somewhat questionable.

  5. I feel so sorry for those people
    Because if anything kicks off that entire part of the world will be oblierated into a wasteland

  6. Why do they receive funding from the North and not the South. Its very understandable to me why north korean rhetoric would not be accepted in Japan

  7. wow the 2 nukes on japan made these japanese to perfect american bimbos
    why do the japanese accept the americans but not the koreans and the koreans are gasts the usa is a invader and occupier of japan freaking japanese retards

  8. surprising no illegally bombing control's again made in pedophilia Nazism demonic JEWSA China or Japanese led terrorists org again hilarious.

  9. The biggest question is why would Japan allow North Koreans to sends funds, to fuel the north Korean propaganda, to their country, it would be like a terrorist organisation sending funds to america to fund a school.

  10. I am on team Japan with this… If your country is starting a war… Don't expect the other country to be happy about it..

    Personally…. I say let Japan have it's army agian and see who rules Asia….

  11. If they love North Korea that much why don’t they just move? Oh yea Japan is a better country with more opportunities and rights! Cuz where’s the love for Japan ungrateful people

  12. これこのまま北朝鮮へ移動できないのだろうか?スパイ養成学校にしか見えない。

  13. 子供には何の罪もないが、北のミサイルの危険にさらされている日本の子供にも何の罪もない。北が敵対してくる以上、その北を支持する学校を日本人の1人として敵対するのは当然だ!

  14. This cultural entrenchment divide is ridiculous especially since i could freaking swim from Korea to Japan and back again.

  15. If the whole point of students attending these schools is so that they can learn Korean culture, why doesn't Japan just let South Korea take control of these schools. The South Koreans will continue the Korean education while also taking down Kim Jong Un's pictures. Problem solved!

  16. Fake news.
    However, it is true news that North Korea was planning a suicide bombing at a nuclear power plant in Japan.

  17. いい加減に寄生を止めて帰れよ

  18. 朝鮮学校は日本の教育基準を満たしてないのに、高校無償化を要求してきました。

  19. キムチョンウンが本当に大好きニダ :3

    北朝鮮へ行きますニダ :3

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