Korea – Weird Humanoid Fish

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Some weird fish which was on the korean news ._.;

35 comments on “Korea – Weird Humanoid Fish

  1. no people who believe in evalution are just trying to deny the bible

  2. @n00bpkmnhacker96 Your joking right? You don't believe in dinosaurs?

  3. These are hybrid koi originally created in Japan. Probably the only reason that they weren't put in the Silent Hill games is that Japanese consider them demigods.

  4. gro panang dropeng drei… please if u write the headline in english atleast get the subtitles in that language

  5. humanoid is something that stands on two legs isnt it? so this video name is inaccurate?

  6. I don't see the similarity.
    Yes, occasionally mammals and even fish (and birds) can show unusually human-like expressions, but that's mostly due to us humans recognizing traits of us in them because that's what we're used to see.

  7. Fish 1: 'Whats new?' Fish 2: 'Not much.' Fish 3: 'Hey, look — Howard's being eaten!' Fish 4: 'Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?'

  8. Haha freaky fucking fish, I bet them Koreans or Chinese folks ate him soon after the video was shot.

  9. Some guy screwed the goldfish which in turn gave birth to this freak of nature…

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