Kim Kardashian West Heads To The White House

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Kim Kardashian West had a summit with Donald Trump regarding prison reform. Brett, Grace, Daron and Jason talk about Kim K.’s motives and if she’s serious about taking on our flawed justice system. Let us know what you think about Kim going to meet with Donald Trump.


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23 comments on “Kim Kardashian West Heads To The White House



  2. Considering how much legal drama both the Kardashians and Trumps have acquired over the years, it scares me and I don't like people like that having so much power. Photo gives me the chills. American royalty with a lot of skeletons in the closet.

  3. And people say: don’t make this about race. How? When my people are doing basketball numbers because a white bitch dreamt a black man fucked!

    And yes, the really happened! The dream not the rape

  4. The fact that these two reality stars are going to be in the history books still baffles me 😳

  5. Use your fame KKW. Don’t hate on that. Kudos Kim. It is important to see past their “untalented start” and see what she trying to do.

  6. If she's going to do something for publicity then this kind of advocacy is the best thing to do!

    i do.

  8. It doesn’t matter who you voted for, but once it’s said and done, you need to address your issue with the person that’s in power.

  9. It doesn’t look like she’s waiting to clean the table. Trump looks like a dork who is thinking “Everyone is going to think this photo is so cool” Kim looks like she’s not trying to look to friendly or risk having to find out if what he said on the Hollywood tapes is true.

    Brett kind of pissed me off for forcing this meaning into the photo that isn’t there for the sake of looking like he knows the real truth, also known as “reaching”. You are officially a cornball

  10. I dont care if its KKW. As long as the person will get the pardon I'm here for it.

  11. what? she is trying to get this woman out of prison, I don’t think meeting trump is a bad thing

  12. It's good that she's raising awareness. However, unless she takes it further, with actual lobbying and actual campaigns she is, in reality, doing very little.

  13. I clicked on this because I just assumed that "Kim" in the thumbnail could only mean Kim Jong Un.

  14. I am curious why Darren has such a distaste for Kim. In these past few years she has had three children, been robbed at gunpoint, donated millions to charity, stood by her husband while he’s clearly dealing with mental issues, and on top of it seems to genuinely want to help a helpless women. I live in LA & have worked for both Kanye’s agent & a producer Kanye worked for. I met Kim once & she was the sweetest, most gracious women. Everyone I’ve talked to who also met her says the same thing & that she treats everyone with such respect. I’m sorry but I don’t think advertising tea & lollipop that suppress appetites make her a bad person. My father is a physician & says many Americans struggle with over eating or boredom eating & that often doctors recommend sucking on a piece of hard candy if a patient is struggling to not eat while watching TV after a meal. As for Darren disliking Kim for being “fake” of course it’s her opinion but I don’t see why Kim isn’t allowed to do with her body what she wants, personally I find it empowering when she takes ownership of her body but even if I didn’t it’s her body & as long as she’s not physically hurting anyone I commend her for not backing down to all the hate thrown at her. I have no disrespect for Darren but again am just curious where all the distaste & unwillingness for a second chance comes from? Even when Kim is fighting for a women’s life.

  15. Genuine or not, whether or not she pushes it further… no matter what. This is using her fame for good and I gained a little respect for Kim Kardashian West for this. This is what a massive platform like hers should be used for. And to think, this all started, for her, with a leaked sex tape. She turned that into a win, let's watch her turn this into a win too.

  16. I love Grace, but why is that hat trending? It looks like a swimming cap. And it's a Chinese Ancient man hat. Why are ppl integrating ancient Chinese clothing and hairstyles into their daily outfits (ok this is becoming a rant since I've been holding it in for a while)? First they made it ok to wear the top bun, and now they come up with this ridiculous hat. Who is setting thee trends? Stop! Omg. Ok I'm done. Bye

  17. If Kim can convince Trump to finally do something right, more power to her!!

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