Kim agrees to denuclearization if ‘hostile policy’ removed

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25 comments on “Kim agrees to denuclearization if ‘hostile policy’ removed


  2. Stick to your requirements North Korea. America can not be trusted and lying has become second nature to these imbeciles in Washington.

  3. If Kim has any Balls he should keep his Nuclear Weapons and not even trust the South Korean Whores of USA, or Japan, their Cunt Leader Abe was sucking off Netanyahu in Israel just this week, it is proven by Now Trusting Zionist USA always leaves with you with nothing unless you are Completely Sold out Cunts.

  4. Remove the hostile policy makers. If you agree Kim. You are a bitch like your female name!

  5. #NorthKorea Don't bow your head towards United State of israhell or they will cut your head off ☮️ 🇰🇵 ✌️

  6. May as well give up on trying to work with Trump and his Bush war criminal all-stars. The EU and UN will be a better alternative.

  7. Why would they be doing this if they know America pull out of iran deal knowing that America can't be trusted

  8. When will these countries learn that once they give up their nueks they will get bombed by the US.

  9. A neutered North Korea and a spayed Islamic Republic regime.
    Thank you Mr President!

  10. ©™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍

    The only reason Kim Jong-Un is negotiating with Xi in China and Moon Jae-in is he now has the BOMB deliverable nuclear weapons and he's never going to give them up, never!!!!!

  11. The heroic IDF struck yesterday night
    • Iranian intelligence sites operated by the Qods Force.
    • Logistics headquarters of the Qods Force.
    • A military compound and logistics complex of the Qods Force in Kiswah.
    • An Iranian military camp north of Damascus.
    • Weapons storage sites belonging to the Qods Force at Damascus International Airport.
    • Intelligence systems and installations associated with the Qods Force.
    • Observation, military posts and weapons in the buffer zone.
    In addition, the Iranian launcher from which missiles were fired at Israel was destroyed.
    The Israel Air Force attacked Syrian air defense batteries, which fired despite an Israeli warning not to do so. In response, the IDF attacked a number of interception systems (SA5 SA2 SA22 SA17) belonging to the Syrian army.
    100++ Ayatollah regime soldiers were killed. All targets were eliminated. No damage, casualty or loss on Israeli side.

  12. Unfortunately Kim is a lot more stupid than his father and grandfather.

  13. John Bolton, Trump's security consultant wants to implement the Libyan option on North Korea! It means first the US military personal will capture Kim, rape and murder him and than obliterate North Korea.

  14. North Korea is one of the last few remaining countries in the world that is not under Jewish control and is opposed to the Jewish terrorist state Israel. This is the real reason why Trump has decided to send a naval armada to provoke the North Koreans. North Korea doesn’t bother anyone and all the 24/7 non-stop around the clock western media vilification of Kim Jong Un is the Jew manipulating your mind into supporting another Jewish war.
    “Trump is simply following the orders given to him by his Jewish advisers. The US government is, just like in Iraq, simply following the orders given to it by the Jewish lobby to destroy all enemies of Israel—even if those orders are directly contradictory to the interests of America and will result in the death and maiming of even more Americans. Don’t believe me? Well then Let’s take look at what (((Wikipedia))) says about North Korea.
    Wikipedia says –
    Israeli-North Korean relations (Korean: 이스라엘-조선민주주의인민공화국 관계) are very hostile,[1] and North Korea has never recognized the state of Israel, denouncing it as an “imperialist satellite”.[2] Since 1988 it recognises the sovereignty of the State of Palestine over all of Israel, except for the Golan Heights, which it recognises as part of Syria.
    North Korea sent 20 pilots and 19 non-combat personnel to Egypt during Yom Kippur War. The unit had four to six encounters with the Israelis from August through the end of the war. According to Shlomo Aloni, the last aerial engagement on the Egyptian front, which took place on 6 December, saw Israeli F-4s engage North Korean-piloted MiG-21s. The Israelis shot down one MiG, and another was shot down by friendly fire from Egyptian air defenses.[3]

  15. Kim will end like poor Gaddafi. Remember what Hillary said and did
    "We Came, We Saw, He Died"

  16. haha .."security-garanty"… ill one must be to believe such a US-crap…from the master of lies….kann der Kim sich nich selbst verarschen , dass er die Amis dazu braucht?

  17. Its a trap, they are going to attack them..2 Timothy 3 verse 1, TRUCE BREAKERS. They have to attack North Korea with nukes because they got to block out the sun entirely ever heard the term as above so below, they got to bring darkness on the entire earth.

    2 Timothy 3:1
    “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

    2 Timothy 3:2
    “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,”

    2 Timothy 3:3
    “Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,”

    King James Version (KJV)

  18. Soon world leaders will declare global peace, and the third temple in Jerusalem, and Jerusalem, will start to be rebuilt, even in troublous times, and these will be the troublous times, when the US and their allies do go to war with the Russian bear, and the bears allies, the number of troops that go to war, and will kill one another, will be 200 million, and a third of men will be killed. A third of 200 million is 66.666667 million.

  19. If North Korea gets invaded after denuclearization, no Nation will ever trust US again.

  20. North Korea is seeking security guarantees from the Americans and its allies. Kim must be a special kind of stupid, because the only guarantee that exists is the one he is saying he is willing to give up. If he does give them up the next step will be regime change. How can you see what the US is doing to Iran or what they did to Libya and Iraq and not believe they will do exactly the same to you?

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