Japan’s Micro Apartment Boom

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Limited space and tight budgets have caused a boom in building tiny, cramped living spaces.

36 comments on “Japan’s Micro Apartment Boom

  1. These homes are beautiful even though they're small and I'm sure not everyone can afford these homes even if they're small since they are masterfully designed by architects and interior designers.

  2. Why did they waste so much space, building two sides to it with a walk way in the middle?

  3. Well they live in a tiny island. And somehow people nowadays are obsessed with living in larger cities. Seriously this is crazy. So you spend all day working in a small cubicle to make money to spend it in a micro space to live and a super expensive city. Japanese have to be retarded.

  4. Some people complain about this using the rich vs poor dichotomy of living standards, but this has a legitimate financial and aesthetic appeal. Houses built on less land will be cheaper and so more affordable, a least this option exists for some as a stepping stone to some place more spacious, if they wish. And you can always be creative with the storage space in ways which would be unconventional for larger homes. The appeal of large vs small homes is one of mentality, and circumstance. By innately setting ourselves an uncompromising expectation, we deprive ourselves of creative solutions

  5. Really cute and creative but I just diagnosed myself … Claustrophobic…!!!?… ?

  6. americans see it as a marvel but sad truth is tokyo is harsh place to work and make a living.

  7. Except that they are not affordable. The Mt. Camel apartments, averaging about 300 square feet, have average rent of 2000 dollars.

  8. Except that they are not affordable. The Mt. Camel apartments, averaging about 300 square feet, have average rent of 2000 dollars.

  9. 2:42 those are the kind of computers in Tokyo that the highest ranked world of warcraft players reside. That is their cave.

  10. The house I had before the one I have now had 200 m2, to much work cleaning, for 2 persons not necessary at all, this new is 30m2 brown and 20 m2 up stairs and is perfect and half price, in 1 hour I clean all the house …in the end of the I use the house for me not to my "friends"

  11. Say for instance some one wanted to "DO IT" how would that work in a small house? Also what about house parties?

  12. Japan's birth rate is so low that pretty soon they'll face the opposite situation, there will be too many appartements for not enough people lol

  13. Thats why they dont want to get fat 🙂 You shoulnt be fat İn Japan

  14. I don`t need big house in Tokyo.
    It`s costly to heat it up and cool it down.and hard to clean.
    also,tax goes up If I have huge house.

  15. This might be a great housing concept for densely populated countries like India, Bangladesh, Israel and Lebanon.

  16. For Americans I don’t think this fucking matters much considering they plan to kill off billions by 2025.

  17. It don't make sense having a conscious awareness it's a rat race in keeping up with the Joneses and then giving up to live like a rat between the walls of a building to call it home. How is living in any of these 'smart' knowing when you come home from work you want to stretch out, not move on hands feet to crawl back under a rock. It'd be better living in an RV finding a new parkng spot every day in a public park. At least socially people would go( well what do you expect, you live in an RV in a public park).. There wouldn't be this pretense of well you have your own home and it's in Tokyo, but wtf , how can you live in this place?? It's crude, like living in a cardboard box with pretty lights and definitely is not a place for old people, phy- challenged, caring for young toddlers, or people with a number of mental illnesses. Get a boat and live on the water, or on dry dock( well, it's a boat)..lol. Why give yourself more challenge when you know the rat race is a losing battle anyway. How is this enjoying your hard earned money? .. It's not. Where's the conscious awareness?
    Let me sell you the Brooklyn Bridge , or Mt Fuji, or The Eiffel tower while we're at it.
    Should ask yourself, when am I gonna stop this scam and get breathing space after work..not going to a place to just switch to a different group of stressers, then the group of stressers I experience at work. Stop doing that to your self. You're a person, not a cow in an American meatfarm, or robot without need of social comforts skin and bones needs, ocean fish constantly ignoring the sea nets just because it ain't scooped you up yet. So it's Tokyo, Mexico City, NYC,..so what. Stop accepting the scam.
    Lol..this video makes me ( a USA citizen) angry. Sales pitch, and salesman' I need to eat' and virtual reality will balance all this stuff, to cinders.. This is all scam.

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