Japan: Thousands visit US air base to show support against North Korea

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The latest provocations from North Korea has led to calls for stronger ties between the US and Japan.
Thousands of Japanese people visited the US Yokota Air Base on Saturday.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Mcbride reports from Yokota Air Base.

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47 comments on “Japan: Thousands visit US air base to show support against North Korea

  1. Japan must rebuild its military to counter China, North Korea and Russia. Maybe build its own nukes too.

  2. Imagine if North Korea drops 100 missiles on Japan at the same time . How can this tiny planes remain as solid stuff ?

  3. Hey no one want war so protest is to aviod ferda escaltion it would no be nice to c jahpan nuke

  4. As a member of the us military, I love this. It's very easy for people to hate us these days, so it's nice to see that some people like us.

  5. Japan need to stand up for itself and tell the North if they fire another missile over their country, they will retaliate.

  6. Indeed, Japanese military is weak and pretty much outdated by modern standards. It's better to let US keep their bases over there, it could be used to protect Japan from foreign invaders. Japan can focus on building their economy and thrive under protection of a superpower. And it's pretty smart move to be honest, Japan doesn't need to spend that much on their military and can focus more on other aspects such as technology, engineering and such.

  7. I didn't think there were so many retarded Japanese.
    USA doesn't want peace with NK otherwise they would've worked with the proposal put forward by Russia+China.
    And USA is yet to resolve a single dispute with diplomacy.

  8. Stop saying bad things about Japan. Japan pretty much invaded the all Korean peninsula and China. Stop provoking Japan cause during their time all Asia was crying like babies.

  9. Japan and South Korea enjoy freedom. Tibet Taiwan North Korea not so much. Decide now while treaties still valid.

  10. Some people are concerned that strong ties between the U.S. and Japan would drift Japan into a warfare against North Korea. However, Japan cannot be an innocent bystander in North Korea`s crisis because Japan is located in East Asia. As a staunch ally of the United States, Japan should make efforts to contain North Korea`s threat in cooperation with the United States.

  11. Hold on a minute, so if North Korea are firing missiles over Japan then why isn't Japan shooting them down with a missile defence system? :/

  12. heres an idea sell the US base and all its weapons to the Japanese. Its time Japan had charge of their own military and it would be nice if they could forgive some of the US's over one trillion dollar debt to them

  13. With regards to foreign policy of US and US controled UN related to North Korea threat, as a senior Indian Socioeconmist, I would like to question them that what happens when we try to beet the cat in a closed room. Now the time has come to think on world Peace instead of childish war games being practiced by giants of the world. Why the developed countries spend their money on war games by squeezing the hard earned money of the people in the form of tax and making the world restless. Why not all the countries sit together and workout for the human welfare instead of provoking each other. Now it is proved that not only big countries like US, Russia and China are powerful in war games but also small countries like North Korea also powerful in shaking the world. Prof PCS Reddy Socioeconmist

  14. japs want war in korea and hope usa to attack north korea. recently japs have a grudge against south koreans because of their success. a war on korean peninsula would weaken korea and boosting japanese economy.

  15. I went to the bondancing of Atsugi base!
    The are against US military.
    Japan leftist Chinese is Korean.

  16. The US bombed and installed military bases, the Japanese are American vassals. They have no choice, who would if a foreign nation has military bases in their country, lol silly.

  17. good job JAPANESE people. who will protect you? nothing but you or the west!

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