Ivanka Trump’s Trip to Japan I Fortune

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Ivanka Trump traveled to Japan for the first time to speak at the World Assembly for Women conference in Tokyo.

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2 comments on “Ivanka Trump’s Trip to Japan I Fortune

  1. Her mother is so pretty and all the other women in this family are above beautiful. What happened to this girl? I don't encourage plastic surgery but maybe something slight in the front jaw area. Braces? She isn't anywhere near ugly either.

    It's as if somewhere inside she possesses the magic to reveal a secret category where even those who are everything everyone wants to be don't quite fit.

    Warriors loyal to a worthy cause.

    Why doesn't Trump include her in business? I wonder if she struggles from feelings of abandonment and/or fear of rejection.

    I wonder if she has a low self-esteem because of her father. Maybe these issues are holding her back from true success which is the road to wholeness (and few people know this. I don't waste much energy on a useless situation. Don't throw pearls to swine is my personal proverb in the 2017/18

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