How To Make A Funny Video

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How to make a funny video youtube video tutorial for youtube video makers that inspire to create funny videos.

Hey it’s me back at it again with a new video, this one being a shorter one. Planning on making more of these, “how to” type of stupid videos. Tell me what you liked/disliked, this one was had some truths to it, take it as you will. Also, don’t worry Julian, I haven’t forgotten about you but I’ll do some shit for you in the next top 5 weekly video alright? Stay tuned for more videos in a while. It’s hard to make videos and do life.

6 comments on “How To Make A Funny Video

  1. LOVE it! Your material keeps getting better! "AIDS-y" had me dying. KEEP THIS SHIT UP!!!

  2. …That morning A Very Stupid Channel awakened to the sound of snow (probably), he looked outside into the bleak Finnish wasteland destroyed (probably) by marauding bands of mutant radioactive polar bears or some shit. He thought (probably in broken English), "Today is the day I force society to acknowledge its reflection, its mirror self in the pools of Tantalus's immortal suffering. Behold the dark pain wrought from a one sided Faustian bargain, and be healed like Orion's blindness." he then proceeded to write the most significant work of artistic genius, but alas he realized its true power and hid it, lest mankind be consumed by what he had intended to bestow upon them. "No." he paused to walk way from the computer and stand in front of the window. Below he watched as two polar bears ripped a reindeer in half. "they won't understand it." he did not mean this in a vainglorious way, as the piece he crafted designed to liberate the souls of his brother-man. In his infinite wisdom he had a revelation that could have split the earth's crust should it have been a seismic event, his throat tightened, and the sweat on his neck went cold. "I will deftly weave layers upon layers of irony and satire together to form a labyrinthine construct, forcing the viewer to make a pilgrimage to each of their emotions, this will purify their souls, and make them receptive to these truths about man's propensity towards atrocity. It will teach my brother-man to dip his hands into Tantalus's pool and slake his eternal thirst, and to pick from the fruit trees above his head and sate his eternal hunger." he sat down at his computer and lightly placed his hands on his keys…the rest is history known by all across every land.

    overall pretty good couple of hiccups 7/10

  3. Watched this…didnt get it. Got depressed and now I'm probably gonna kill myself. With AIDS…and pills. Lmfao another good one! Keep them coming please!

  4. Instructions not clear! Dick baked in the microwave! Pussy roasted in stove!
    You funny cunt! Thanks for spreading your GAY AIDS to everyone ???

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