How HIGH do Death Sticks Make the User? (Canon/Legends) – Star Wars Explained

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Death sticks…how high did they make the Star Wars Galaxy? Where do they come from? What planet makes them? What factory?

**SWT does not condone the use of drugs** – Stay in skewl kids

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36 comments on “How HIGH do Death Sticks Make the User? (Canon/Legends) – Star Wars Explained

  1. The real reason why Luke was cut off from the force…

  2. So Death Sticks are the Star Wars Version of Heroin!!!!!!!!!!! Don't do dugs kids and stay in school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi sw it's my birthday on the 7th can I plz have a shout out

  4. While this would never happen, especially under Disney, imagine Breaking Bad in the Star Wars universe.

  5. At first I wasnt sure I needed to know. And then palps getting ripped made it all clear.

  6. So Global warming is depriving our youths from their precious deathsticks…. so sad 🙁

  7. Well, I'm the dopeman – yeah, boy, wear corduroy
    Money up to here but unemployed
    You keep smoking that rock and my pocket's getting bigger

  8. You seemed to copy a video I made 😛
    Like, exactly.

  9. What if Mace Windu defeated Darth Sidious (Palpatine) by injecting some deathsticks

  10. Oh wow.. I remember when that original death stick vid was new!

  11. I just noticed you switched everybody's faces in the thumbnail.

  12. Star Wars Bounty Hunter…… of the best games of my childhood

  13. Diagnosis organize feature mhwyfl acid adviser consistently gas can twice scheme.

  14. That thumbnail tho lol, i first couldnt see what was wrong… then i realised it, hahaha.

  15. Lmaoo it shortens your life sounds like the internets favorite thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Thanks for mentioning the Bando Gora…loved the Jango Fett game

  17. I have a theory:

    Snoke is Mace Windu addicted to deathsticks

  18. “We don’t condone drugs”

    “Lets talk about them”

  19. so let me get this right there glowsticks made with mario mushroomes

  20. What if jango fett killed mace windo instead? That star destroyer wouldnt have been bombed in an attempt by boba fett to assassinate windo, and changed the whole galaxy, would order 66 have been even easier for Palpatine with yoda on kashyyyk and obi wan on utapau?

  21. You really need to fix the volume thing with the shirt adds. Also your volume is generally inconsistent from video to video

  22. What happened after he went home to rethink his life?

  23. I don’t care any more I’m done with thumbnails

  24. But the question is, What happened to Elan Sleazbeggano after the episode II and the Clone Wars?

  25. ban disappointed coach before cheek cigarette involved expression morning

  26. Supreme leader snoke became supreme weeder snoop because he took death sticks/weed

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