Hillary Clinton on BBC says Trumps inaugural speech “was some weird [email protected]

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11 comments on “Hillary Clinton on BBC says Trumps inaugural speech “was some weird [email protected]

  1. Bill Clinton hurt many with NAFTA and Hillary wanted to push TPP. Rust belt states who voted Clinton and Obama..hate Dem party!

  2. What came out of her mouth into a glass of water during her campaign was some weird s***

  3. this woman will suffer from the rest of her life for the lost, she will be never be able to recover from it, and will be forever miserable as a person, even her husband is away from her now. her end will be sad if she does not repent from her sins.

  4. Remember people bill Clinton choose other women over Hilary an we should to

  5. Did she go on that show drunk? She seemed way more happy then compared to other interviews.

  6. The weirdest thing I saw at the inauguration was Hillary, she was obviously pumped up on her parkinson's meds (levadopa) and bobbing her head all over in unnatural ways so much so that they tried to keep the camera off her.

  7. When is hillary gonna get it through her head that she is done…finished…she will never hold another political position…drama queen….god her life and family have to be just miserable

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