High Alert – U.S. Warns China And Russia On Space Superiority

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High Alert – U.S. Warns China And Russia On Space Superiority

Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, testifies on space situational awareness before the House Armed Services Committee’s strategic forces subcommittee and the House Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee in Washington, June 22, 2018.

21 comments on “High Alert – U.S. Warns China And Russia On Space Superiority

  1. Dont let me call my blinkers they will destroy everything that is against this world

  2. Us humans are so unique we are the last of our kind, our ancestors reside in our DNA that makes us so. This is how GOD is so powerful we all show his wonder his creation and we must accept destruction because its apart of life, it has always been this way. Your souls will always be no matter what happens. we will always come back, be brave and just accept, all your emotions and feeling sensations, those are just Delusions, What im saying if we want to live on if your concerned, which i assume, than we must dedicate our very beings to God, just like in the bagavad gita, but other than that, just know that no matter what happens you will still be you we will always come back, everything has an end, it will always be this way and has been this way, God said in the bagavad gita, he stated that he is not troubled by anything because he is happy with himself he knows himself and is the truth. There will always be evil and good its enevitable, it all comes from god anyway, He is the strongest and unfathomable and im talking about an infinate and unfathomable and unseen. Everything and i meen every little thing that happens, is happening as it should and was meant to happen no matter what it is.

  3. so many people are so scared because u cant think past your computer screen if there was a threat out there in the far reaches of space wouldnt you want to be protected from it remember what reagan said you can look it up he might have been dropping hints but he said he cant help but think how humanity would put there differences aside if we all were faced with a threat from out of this world is that a coincidence, answer no, all the strange explosions happening around the world, things being captured on our military aircraft radar and i quote defy the laws of physics , now we have a space force good about time go USA

  4. What if the US government received a message from aliens that they're attacking and the government is just trying to protect the world…. nobody knows

  5. Astronauts never worry about the 20,000 thousand pieces of golf ball size debris.. think about it.

  6. "High Alert – U.S. Warns China And Russia On Space Superiority"
    You mean NASA has controlled all the 'planets' in space?

  7. And yeah yeah yeah anybody in the right mind I already knows least globalist people are going to completely take every dime out of your pocket they can every way they can in fact they will even take your children if they can and I'm not talking about the Trump Administration I'm talking about the globalist that have been doing this for years they will get your sympathy on one hand for the little kids in Africa that'll take your money the other way like NASA what age is nothing more than the new Nazi party which is the One World Order of course they will still everything they possibly can one way or another and if you're not smart enough to see it you lose your money too

  8. We should be warning any country that has satellites above our air space, the title of this video is a bit stupid.

  9. stupid people making war and suddenly they suffer and wonder why, such sillies

  10. When the Air Force came into existence people laughed just like they are now over the Space Force, now it is single handedly the most important aspect of war, and developed/ runs GPS. Go ahead and laugh now but once the US creates the first Trillion dollar industry do not say I didn’t tell you so.

  11. Are you kidding me it wasnt that many years ago that NASA wanted to redesign the shuttle but couldn't figure out why it was built that way in the first place. With so many original designers passed away, or old with dementia in a nursing home, they actually couldn't figure out how it was supposed to work. I'm sure many safety redundancies were lost as a (ah oh well… Guess we don't need it)

  12. you greedy countries go to the space and own it as yours ,no one will mind you its all yours.all strong fighters go to the space and have a war forever.greediness never wins .America is their(police)

  13. lol destroy the land,destroy the oceans,enter gods space and u will destroy humanity u fools

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