GRAPHIC: Full video of Nairobi mall massacre reveals terror, gunmen shooting shoppers

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(WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) A second batch of videos released on Thursday (October 17) taken from security cameras outside and inside the mall on September 21 shows gunmen crossing the car park and shoppers falling the ground to avoid a volley of bullets as they entered the shopping complex.

Government sources say the material was obtained from closed circuit television cameras in various of the outlets in the Westgate mall.

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50 comments on “GRAPHIC: Full video of Nairobi mall massacre reveals terror, gunmen shooting shoppers

  1. knowing that a terroist is behind you and is about to shoot you in a matter of seconds and you can't do anything is just sit there unitl you're killed is terrifying

  2. Isn't it weird how on movies you wonder how someone would trip while running away from danger? And here are these people falling over chairs and tables.

  3. rest in peace to all that passed away in this I mean I'm a total asshole but this is fucked

  4. i wonder if a no guns allowed sign woulda stopped these criminals. criminals being not known for following the law

  5. Punk ass coward bitches…I have 3 words for any pathetic cowards thinking of murdering innocent,unarmed civilians in a world any malls around my city…(CCP) Carry Conceal License w/ many many extra clips bitches…..P.M. and I can give you the address of the closest mall to me….pathetic cowards

  6. Run or hide under an elephant with your feet sticking out……? Hmmmmmm…..

  7. For those of you who think the attackers were Muslim, they are not Muslims, Islam doesn't encourge killing innocent people from another belief. Not even Quran (the holy book of Islam) was discovered in their shelter since invistigation. Terorrists are pretending to be Muslim to cause Islam to be hated from all over the world.

  8. You know I used to think that most of the world was good. I thought this because every country in the world has some kind of law enforcement and there are penalties if you break the law. In the past few years I realized that most of the world is evil. I truly believe that 99% of the world is evil and are going to hell. It boggles my mind why people like them are even put on this earth. People that do so much evil. You have good people who have hard times and you have bad people that live life care free. It is a fucked up world we live in.

  9. the man who got shot while hiding his head in an elephant had plenty of time to run away. 1:24

  10. How come nobody had guns I'm from Texas everybody has guns that could not happen here we would start shooting back they didn't have nothing but a k 47s I know 13 year olds that have those in South Houston

  11. This was totally unacceptable innocent people who didnt deserve this……. So here is a question, did these terrorists stop to think that they could be killing even a foreign national who has nothing to do with there war?

  12. The poor guy who tried to hide behind the elephant… That was hard to watch. I'm assuming he thought he would be completely concealed by it and by the time he realized only half of him fit the gunmen were already coming so he tried to keep still. Very sad

  13. I remember this happened here in Kenya in 2013 soo sad Al Shabaab an Al Qaeda affiliate was responsible

  14. the guy hiding under the elephant (barely)

    "I don't see them I hope they dont see me!"

  15. 1.33sec in, witness the worlds worst Hide n' Seek attempt. I've failed to rise to the occasion more then once when there's a lot a stake; I missed a penalty kick for the game when I was 14(laces out), lost my boner before it was supposed to go in Jennifer Conner(I finished early that day, but Jenny's a belieber in 2nd chances.. and Plan B), I let the girl of my dreams walk away, because I couldn't tell her that I loved her(You know who you are Bri), But what I lack in skill, stamina, and incapability to let myself feel vulnerable in a passing of raw beautiful human emotion… This guy lacks in self preservation. Survive of the Fitness

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