Giant UFO Seen Above Fukushima Nuclear Reactor On Live Television Report

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News report by German media group NDR.

At 55 seconds into the clip a giant UFO can be seen hovering above the nuclear plant. Obviously this was a slip up on behalf of NDR and the Asian news outlet the group received the footage from.

This clip is edited from the news broadcast. No adjustments have been made until the last shot, and only to highlight certain levels

50 comments on “Giant UFO Seen Above Fukushima Nuclear Reactor On Live Television Report

  1. It's really hard to believe these things exist when with all our technological advances in photography and videography we are still seeing these UFO's as faded diffused, white objects floating above and around.  Why are these modern-day, recent sightings never ever clear, vivid shots???????????????

  2. dude.. our mobile has hd video recordings.. it can easily record it. Just that they can no longer continue with hoax.. they never bring in quality footage.

  3. One thing is for sure… for all believers and non-believers… If you are a human being and you thing that that you are the only creation… Then you're just being selfish!

  4. Wow. People really want to believe and dub anything that can be viewed to support their beliefs as proof. The camera (helicopter) is moving left filming, the towers near nuclear plants are close, the object which is probably a warehouse far behind, moves left also as perspective changes. Only thing moving in that video is camera.

  5. "normalerweise sind es nur ein paar hhunder heute aber tausend" … is klar alleine in meinem häuserblock leben mehr als 1000 leute

  6. I'll say the same refrain of skeptics: meteorological balloon, meteor, unknown atmospheric phenomenon, blah, blah… If this thing lands and an alien with 100 tentacles comes out, I'm sure that they're able to create a plausible story to negate what's happening in front of their eyes.

  7. Nobody heared about what it could be ? Maybe a balloon with a camera to look from above or something along those lines ? It is strange indeed, multiple witnesses saw a light above tsjernobyl, while the core was heating up and radiation lvls went trough the roof, suddenly a beam came from that thing and it was aimed at the core for up to three minuts ! When it went away, the core dropped. Strange

  8. Enter these coordinates for the Fukushima plant.

    37.421070, 141.028963

    Zoom out two or three clicks.

    The white building on the left is what is being claimed as the UFO.

    End of story.

  9. its either a train or a bus riding on a road off in the distance.. Im gonna go with a bus.

  10. Wow, at first I thought it was an object moving along a mountain in the background, but on a closer look (albiet on my mobile screen) it appears to flying : )
    If that is the case, it sure does look like on of the UFOs from a convincing story shared by famous astrophysicist Peter Sturrock in his book, "A Tale of Two Sciences." It was a particular design that had swooped down, held a helicopter in place as it scanned it with a couple lights, then flown off. Great story from both the point of view of people in the helicopter and people who saw it from the ground.

  11. it was a tube railway. I saw that in a documentary it was heading of to southern location before the reactor blowed up.

  12. it was a tube railway. I saw that in a documentary it was heading of to southern location before the reactor blowed up.

  13. I'll believe any stupid lie like swamp gas or hyper balloons instead of facing the truth that they are alien and there's nothing we can do about it….

  14. Excuses? Facts! Live in your fantasy world and let me live in mine. Hug Edward Snowden. He needs the love. As for facts I let them stand by themselves. Go back to your fantasy world.

  15. It's a building in the background. Hold your two index fingers pointing up. A foot apart. Pick any object in the background. Place it between your two fingers while standing 2 feet away from it. Placing the object in your line of sight. Now move your head right to left. What did we learn?

  16. Building in the back ground! Funny, video tech is getting more and more advanced, yet no images better than 144p of a "UFO" in this day and age!

  17. If you compare maps of the place.. And take account for elevation differences.. You will see there is a train line running on the foot hills behind. So that is definitely a train. Also take into consideration the highly reflective paint on Japanese high speed trains. Debunked.

  18. "building in the background", only it "moves" in the opposite direction it should have, as the camera is also panning to the left, the "building" should have "moved" to the right….
    maybe go with swamp gas, that would have been more believable

  19. that's a building in the background…its amazing how stupid ppl are!!!

  20. They can transmute the half life of Plutonium ( Pluto – God of Hell.) from 2.5 billion years to 2.5 seconds if they wanted to. They could evacuate the whole Earth in 10 minutes if they wanted to. Earth is like a grain of sand on all the beaches of the Earth. If it where to… "disappear" would anybody miss it? YOU FOOLS!

  21. Cool let's develop space technology and ally with these aliens that help us and conquer all the others.

  22. That is a reflection off the window of the vehicle they are riding in..

  23. When enough people come together to pray for healing of a nuclear disaster those prayers are accepted by great beings and used to deliver healing on the nuclear disaster site. This is how miracles are performed in catastrophes, UFO's appear to deliver the healing that we request. This help only is available when we pray for healing in large quantities. Thank those who are praying for the peace of the world for delivering this healing energy to Fukushima.

  24. How come they have the Kennedy assassination from the mid 60's vividly clear.. But in the 2000's, when they show "UFO's", it's all blurry ans hard to make out? So that automatically makes this video bullshit..


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