Giant Alien Megastructure found in Space

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It has been assumed that the object that has been discovered is an extremely large energy farm with panels for harnessing energy from space. Scientists, on the other hand, have opted to theorize that it is instead a cloud of dust that has just proven to be spectacular.

There have been changes in light in the deep space which has largely attributed to aliens by some. Scientists have however chosen to avoid uneducated conclusions and admitted they have little knowledge of the object.

The object had initially been noted when looking through a Kepler space telescope for stars, one of which was named KIC 8462852. From the observation done to this point, the object is not found to have a planet like a shape.

The reasons given for the object’s construction, in a scenario where it is alien in nature, would be for it to act as a Dyson sphere. This is primarily a shell structure that is large and would be close to a star for the sole purpose of harnessing the said star’s energy. Based on this theory it is thereafter assumed that the one that has been spotted letting light through is yet to be completed but the opposite could also be true in that it is already complete and our data impaired by the large distance.

Advancement in certain civilizations technologically can be measured by a Kardashev scale. This is associated with the theory that civilization is never stagnant but experiences constant growth by acquiring energy from their surroundings. The lead scientist in this particular study indicated the possibility of the star noted earlier to only being covered by dust that would be of a significantly large amount in comparison to the sun. The origin of the dust would remain a mystery.

This theory wouldn’t be as fascinating as the one on aliens but the sight would still remain eye-catching and attract attention. More information on this occurrence would be garnered with time. Scientists are however counting on seeing another occurrence similar in nature to the one mentioned earlier.


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