George Lucas Admits You Would Have “Hated” His Star Wars Sequels

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Grass may not have been greener on the dark side.

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44 comments on “George Lucas Admits You Would Have “Hated” His Star Wars Sequels

  1. Fuck off we would have loved it. More than X-wing cracks jokes to star destroyer ffs. Lord emperor Ballsack rofl

  2. George Lucas has the same voice as Kermit the Frog. Never forget.

  3. You think the series sucks because of Disney? Well it would have REALLY sucked if Lucas had done it-

    I'll take weird and awkward over watching them rehash old plot lines adinfinitum

  4. 'Hairy potato'? Bit of respect for the creator of the greatest cinematic universes of all time please. Perhaps find someone who knows the subject matter before posting videos like this.

  5. I liked where the clone wars was going with the WILLS. made sense and it made the story deeper. not this new shite.

  6. Still would have taken it over the Disney Sequels if I were given the choice. Don't think George would have called the fans sexists and masoginists for criticizing his films. He probably wouldn't have took a giant dump on the original trilogy.

  7. everyone……STOP hating on George!!!! The prequels are awesome…just watched Revenge of the Sith…KILLED IT!!! don't listen to them, Mr Lucas….your films are Gold.

  8. The Whills is already in Star Wars, Yoda meets them in the Clone Wars series. It’s great you can just take an idea and shit all over it, but do you think it would be worse than what we are getting now? I’m sure these movies would have been better with characters with story arcs, hero journeys, and flaws.

  9. It's time to admit the OT was a fluke and SW was doomed to fail.
    Let's let it go and bury it.

  10. "But at least the whole story from beginning to end would've been told", Subtle much! This is Lucas saying that at least he can create a trilogy and make it look like one big piece. While Disney can't even connect two movies.

  11. Also what Lucas was talking about was expanding the SW fans knowledge of the Force. Maybe even reveal why some things happened as they happened. At least it would've been original! Something I (or anyone else for that matter) can't really say about Disney Star Wars.

  12. After the piece of shit that was last jedi, i think ill be willing to see where do this whills take me.

  13. keep in mind, if he was making the Whills, the Villians…. OMFG.. that would have made them more of a threat than, Aboloth!!!!!!!! and if you take that in any direction…. wow.. Luke would have took on God Like Porprtion…. and the guy who voiced this video and the writers of this episode are just total Idiot's…. THEY FEED ON THE FORCE!!!!!…. So they basically trick FOrce users of the Light and Dark…. mind blowing epic… Qui-Jon ginn was the first in thousands of years to be caught by the Whillis… And Yoda was the First to come back as a Ghost… Ghost have not become one with the Force.. they are trapped.. The Whillis feeding off there force energy.. and yoda Obi-Wan. unknowingly are luring in more Force users into there TRAP. and Anakin wiith Luke were the First to figure it out.. and Rey was the wound in the Force.. along with Kylo Ren… because the chosen one was not meant to have a Family. he had a mission from the FOrce itself… see how Star Wars gives birth to imagination. even if you do not agree. it's how Star Wars affect us, in a very real way… and it's why the fans that loved the Last Jedi, need to just take a seat back, and not get into the discussion. where we fighting among ourselves. that is not Star Wars/ thats divide and conquer. and at times… i wonder if Disney, has some insane tactic like that now in place. and the main reason why they are so silent on the situation. because every thing is going according to the plan.. kathleen Kennedy has not been fired, because the plan is being executed flawlessly. and nobody sees it.. because i really can't see Episode 9. opening at 200 million. i just can't see.. but you know what i do see.. infinity war coming close to that 300 million opening weekend… with the insane momentum that infinity War is generating as far as speculation videos goes.. youtube is filled with Infinity war.. and a bunch of stuff will be in the 2 next movies..Ant man and the Wasp will be key to the next movie as will Captain Marvel.. But for some reason… the hype… the energy. the momentum, the wind….. is just not blowing in the favor of Star Wars.. its just not their… excitement at times is so thick you can see it in the air. cut it you can… infinity War is thick in the air with anticipation.. but Star Wars is not… and you guys here at What Culture have really missed an opportunity to give a much necessary juice of life to Star Wars.. but just like Ruin Johnson, another disappointing missed opportunity. lack of creativity and imagination.. A good writer, can take a sentence and buid a whole world around it…. i could build a whole trilogy based on what lucas said.. he has giving us world building.. to take that concept of the Whilis being ancient Advance evolved beings that have gotten out of control with the Force. and created Force Ghost to continue that cycle, of trapping force users with transcending to the Force.. actually it was already shown in the animate series. the only thing was that.. Count Dooku was in the sequence, which made Yoda noticed that where he was was not right… but and then the Whillis fixed it. and by the Ep.3 gain his trust and belief in their process of afterlife. (which was a deception) and by the end of Return of the Jedi. fully convinced Yoda.. and he in turn lured in Obi Wan… i always wondered, if Vader knew he transformed into a FOrce Ghost. would he try to kill his Force ghost as well??? No more tricks by the Jedi Old Man

  14. I think the fan base owes George Lucas a huge apology, I would have much rather have scene his sequel trilogy then the one Disney gave us.

  15. I would have enjoyed it. As a writer I would have admired him writing the story he wanted.

    I never once hated on the prequels. Only issue there was George backed out of his original plot because everyone hated on Phantom Menace.

    Write your story, if people hate on you for what your vision was they can go fuck themselves.

  16. Funny how they say how hard it is for a film to please the audience when TV, games, novels and any other iteration can please the great majority with ease.

  17. The Whills existed from the very beginning of Star Wars…. I loved the episodes related to them

  18. I think people should just be honest with themselves and except the fact that George Lucas is not a genius. He got lucky with the first three movies. Nostalgia carried the dismal 3 prequels and when the fans called him on his lousy storytelling he sold out to Disney. Oh and while your sitting there slack jawed at this blasphemy I simply ask you to look at the filmography of other directors in his generation. Coppola,Scorsese,Spielberg now ask yourself what of substance did he really do outside of one effects laden toy commercial.

  19. Creative types are always their harshest critics… you can’t dismiss the idea of hand.

  20. Star Wars – 1977 – 1983 Made to be enjoyed by the fans
    Star Wars – 1999 -2018 – Fuck the fans!!

    It's like modern WWE.

  21. I think I’d like to see it as an else world story in a book or comic. I’d enjoy it more knowing that it’s not cannon, and I am legitimately curious

  22. You’re an annoying boring fuck who complains and is the reason why director don’t have the freedom to experiment with new ideas thus making all Hollywood movies cliche and identical. Stfu cunt!!

  23. Whills already exist, were in Clone Wars animation, and there's actually a Journal of the Whills in the Last Jedi.
    None of this is new. This is all already known.

  24. But the wills are actual canon and seen in the rebels tv series

  25. Hey friend! Is it okay if I repost this to my Instagram? Please give me a response!! Thx

  26. What you mean hate it more than Disney's "version"? Doubtful.

  27. I’m sorry dude, but The Whills is nothing new. Lucas came up with the concept of the Whills before he even wrote Star Wars.

  28. I would take Lucas's ideas over the New Hope remake and whatever that last thing was. A unique idea well they can't have that in Hollywood

  29. Well we hated the fucking awful prequels George. And if garbage like Redtails is anything to go by….yeah we’d definitely have hated your ‘creative’ nonsense. It would have been worse than Disney’s crap…and that’s saying something…

  30. least it would have been different. unlike new hope B and empire strikes back B…

  31. Lucas has been more influential and acclaimed than you ever will

  32. He doesn't know me, I liked the prequels sure they had flaws but I liked, compute the dumpster 🔥 that is the sequel trilogy and Soylo his idea would have been a welcomed sight.

  33. Jeez George from a shitshow supreme right into an irredeemable abortion what the hell happened to the George Lucas that wrote the 3 first brilliant movies?!
    Even Steven Spielberg has been able to redeem himself more than George Lucas. And I always feel better thinking the last Indiana Jones was mostly Lucas's fault.

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