First look at Russian Facebook ads aimed at dividing U.S.

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The Russian ads, released by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, offer the public the first in-depth look at the attempts to divide the U.S. ahead of the 2016 election.

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20 comments on “First look at Russian Facebook ads aimed at dividing U.S.

  1. What's weird is Republican voters deny this is happening…

  2. Im more concerned with biased left leaning mainstream media and constant bombardment of socialist propaganda pumped into the minds of Americans.

  3. Lol, they're memes!
    The empire has been rocked by shitty memes!

  4. Russian Facebook ads more truthful than Mainstream Media!

  5. What a load of steaming garbage! Democrats and the MSM alt-left biased propaganda machine have done far more to divide us than some meme from a Russian shitposter, with their constant race baiting, gender insanity, gun grabbing and protection of criminals and illegals.

  6. So does this mean Clinton also colluded with Russia or is it only collusion when it’s against her?

  7. Every man SHOULD stand for our borders, you globalist scumbags.

  8. @ trumtard conservatives Memes don't kill people; assholes with guns do.

  9. The real objective is Russia. First remove Russia allies: Iran, North Korea, Syria and China, they have bases surrounded these nations, but China will be their biggest threat. Then a all out war with Russia and China. There is no peace until there is no one left to oppose their absolute rule over the world.

  10. You do realize most , if not all, of these memes originate from the US.
    You can stop your rhetoric now, no-one believes your bullcrap; only you.

  11. The vast majority are after the election. This is a joke.

  12. how the hell are those Russian memes??? Millions of Americans ALREADY had those views…. I'm talking 60 million people. ridiculus

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