FEARLESS CATS – Totally Insane brave cats / 2017 HD Video Crazy Cats

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Impressive brave cats whose ventures are bound to pure madness even for them. Enjoy the new video about crazy cats.

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39 comments on “FEARLESS CATS – Totally Insane brave cats / 2017 HD Video Crazy Cats

  1. Awesome video but I wonder why these owners would record their cats doing this instead of helping them because they could get hurt

  2. Fireless like lions and tigers. Doesn't matter how small they are, they still aren't afraid to go up against cobras, bears and wolves. They surely are great creatures.

  3. Wtf a fucki cat fighting a best dam these cars GOT MORE BALLS THEN HUMAN

  4. Cat versus cobra – cat thinks that it is a mongoose. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi meowr!

  5. Pound for pound cats are extremely tough and resilient and are among the best fighters on the planet. Felines rule on several fronts. First and foremost they are survivalists. Don't mess around.

  6. I wonder if the nice couple with a Mt. Lion living in there yard ever figured out they won't leave an area if food is around it! I bet the big kitty ended up having to be relocated. I kinda can't wait till we get more of them in Kentucky but at same time dredd it as well. Hate walking in dark of woods at night to deer stand enough as it is with out large feline predatory cats stalking me!

  7. New respect for cats. Dogs, bears, snakes, tarantulas – they are freakin fearless!

  8. Wild cats vs domestic cats ok domestic cats we're not created to get domestic…. But to be evillllll

  9. omg cats r so fearless and savage did u see that cat that scared that bear lolol

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