Facebook Wants Your Nudes – Weekly Weird News

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Revenge porn is a serious problem, but Facebook’s “solution” to it doesn’t seem very well thought-out.

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• Send Facebook your nudes

• Japan rent-a-friend

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20 comments on “Facebook Wants Your Nudes – Weekly Weird News

  1. I'm gonna be honest here, I just flat out don't get Japan. I like em I think they're really creative and interesting but they're like a Florida 2.0 when it comes to the weird shit comin out of that place.

  2. This is literally the plot of an episode of how I met your mother where Barney has a fake family.

  3. facebook can take down ms paint pictures of a burning duck before they even get uploaded, but they can't use that for nudity?

  4. so, about the japanese actor guy, i think there's a movie that talks about a similar subject? the name of the movie is holy motors and it's kind of fucked up and ?? confusing
    i watched it a long time ago but i Have the impression it's about something like that

  5. One reason I've never, ever taken nudes and probably never would is because I have a ton of birthmarks on my body that would be very identifiable even if blurred. Imagine that thing on Gorbachev's head, but five of them and they were on his titties. And then if I took these nudes and someone tried to send them out via facebook for revenge, these algorithms would probably think "oh no, someone spilled a lot of wine on their beige carpeting!"
    This is a cultural issue. For now we can try to monitor things online to an extent, but the real solution to this is teaching everyone that people who don't want to have sex with you are still people.

  6. That study about xmas music talks about workers in department stores also. It's , well, maddening for most people.

  7. Ok you fucking cheeky cunts, I have to say this is the funniest episode you guys have done in a long damn time. This is why I stay subbed. Thank you

  8. don't do the nudes in the first place, solo or in a temp couple . . at least not electronically, keep the camera's out of it . . as for photoshops, well that's a different beast, and probably more penalty.

  9. I live in Edmonton Alberta!
    And we are still confused about that incident.

  10. The Family Romance thing would be perfect for a Yakuza 6 substory. I can see it now.

  11. I’m with Ricky, going to Japan to see if they need an American for hire over there lol, WEIRD NEWS

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