England’s Baby Alfie And The Politics of Life

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England’s Baby Alfie And The Politics of Life:

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Trending Dennis Prager Fear of the Left: The Most Powerful Force in America Today Bernard Goldberg Left-Wing Fools in the High Church of American Liberalism Stephen Moore Goodbye, OPEC When we’re having dinner as a family, we’ll talk about almost everything, from serious things to news of the weird.One of our twin sons wants to teach and coach soccer, the other plans to go into accounting.Since they’re grown college men now, almost any topic is allowed at dinner. Betty, a teacher, is a responsible adult, and a consensus is forming that I’m almost fully grown, too.Only two topics are prohibited: One is . The other is the bright, shining future of American journalism, which can only ruin my appetite.So we might talk instead about creepy Bill Cosby, the former Jell-O pitchman and cultural icon finally convicted on ual assault charges. We might talk of those odd pigs in Japan with human organs growing inside of them for later harvest.But the other evening at home, one of our sons mentioned the baby in Liverpool, England.”What baby?” Betty said sharply.Baby Alfie.As she was filled in on the details, she looked across the table at me, into my eyes, then through them to some other place.We’d known that place years ago. It is a room with beeping monitors, tubes and a rocking chair. Nurses would walk through in their soft quiet shoes.I knew she was there in that room, on the edge of what could have been the beginning of a vastly different life for us.Perhaps you’ve tried avoiding the Baby Alfie story as we did.The 23-month-old boy was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder. Doctors of England’s National Health Service said they could do nothing and recommended removing life support. CARTOONS | Steve Breen View Cartoon Italy had offered to take Alfie into one of its hospitals and try to keep him alive. But English justice rejected the kind Italian offer.English judges ruled they knew best, and so they decided, in the best interest of the child, that justice would have the child die.The parents, who wanted to take the boy to Italy, had no rights in the matter.If Alfie’s parents had been royals, there would have been a different outcome. But they’re not royals.So Alfie’s parents had their rights removed in a nation that once gave the world the Magna Carta, and the miracle of English common law.But it is a different England now, just as America is a different country, becoming more unrecognizable by the day.After Alfie was taken off life support, the parents put their mouths to their son’s lips and took turns hoping to breathe life into him.Think of it.With people of faith squaring off against those who believe in scientific rationalism, just put the politics aside.Instead, think of the parents with the baby in the room.”Both Kate and I had to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to keep him alive because his lips turned blue,” the father said a few days ago. “We

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