Elon Musk vs #FakeNews – TechNewsDay

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Elon Musk proved that even society’s most successful and adored should probably stay off social media

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• Elon Musk being an idiot

• Amazon Echo privacy concerns

• Delete your OK Google history

• Russia router hacking

• Bitcoin price manipulation investigation

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21 comments on “Elon Musk vs #FakeNews – TechNewsDay

  1. So you guys won’t be ETC anymore?!! Ahhhhhhh. Sad bois. Why not? Why can’t you keep that name?

  2. >hold new tech accountable
    >Hold big companies accountable
    >Don't hold the news media accountable
    Jesus fucking Christ do you hear yourself as you talk?

  3. Etc show is my favorite channel on all of YouTube.

  4. Kanye is not pursuing alt right thought processes. If anything liking more at the middle. Kanye is weird in general.

  5. Incredibly smart people can be incredibly arrogant sometimes.

    I know, I’m one of them.

    and I read Wikipedia all the time.

  6. this channel is just sad. you basically take what's on CNN and reiterated it for YouTube. most all of your content is that way

  7. I kinda agree with Elon Musk. I think what he is trying to point out is that the media has alot of influence and power but often use this to spread misinformation or attack their political opponents.

    I'd say this is an issue tbh and I quite like the idea of some sort of journo arrogant site. I think some of the back lash is because it would damage and restrict some journalists. If it was handled in a fair and unbiased way I'd be for it.

    Been a while since I watched you guys, Elliott looks different but I can't work out if his hair is shorter, his beard is longer or both.

  8. You guys turned to shit after all the trump presidiantial run

  9. Your the cunts making this into an anti Semite way. Your the racists

  10. For some reason I have not been able to see your content in my sub feed for weeks.

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