Dude, Your Dad is Weird

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To premiere our new video section, here’s a Russian video-reportage about policeman Eugene who’s been raising his daughters to perform dangerous stunts, lovingly subtitled by yours truly.

Watch the circus-man without a circus as he throws darts at his daughters, has them walk on swords and broken glass, and assaults them fire and daggers. It’s kind of sweet, actually.

A Russian TV station heralds this guy as part of their “supermen” series, but we’d classify it more as “WTF, Russia?”


5 comments on “Dude, Your Dad is Weird

  1. Is this some joke? 😀 Because it just seems like some parody… Especially the part with the bending of the steel rod.

  2. Pretty sad using his subservient trusting kids as props in some weird home-made tough guy show. WTF is he preparing them for? Creepy.

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